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Animatazz box

3, 2, 1... Jettison... we're off on an Animatzz animation action adventure!

Three... get your story organised - is it to be a near-death experience as they endure the mountain climb from hell? Perhaps a former government operative has escaped and needs to be found? Or maybe it's a comedy family getting together, Simpsons-style?

Two... add your characters. Get your scientist ready for saving the future of mankind. What is he going to wear? Is he in the lab or out on the streets? Is he a mean fighting machine or is he kind but slightly wayward and crazy?

One... produce your own ultimate adventure film, with some awesome scenes and plenty of colourful imagination - we're hooked!

If you've ever wanted to create your own movie - show it on Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, blogs or forums, or email it to your mates - then this is definitely the coolest kit you'll ever own!

Animatazz combines the fun of clay modelling, the magic of storytelling and the skill of movie making in one easy-to-use package. It makes clay animation easy and exciting. The inventor has been teaching the delights of animation to kids for over 10 years. He knows from vast experience what they can do and can't do and (at least as important) what is and isn't fun.

Animatazz' bendable figures help you make your movie in minutes. Just clothe them in modelling clay, to create any number of brilliant home-grown characters, from historic heroes to modern Martians.

The Animatazz kit includes a Quick Start Guide and Movie Directors Guide as well as video guides on the CD to help you create your story and plan your movie.

For animators
from 8 to adult