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The Best of British board game

A brilliant new game that light heartedly delves into our everyday life, reminding us of the diverse, unique and hilarious everyday things, people and places that make Britain such an outstanding place to live.

Best of British came Box contents

There's so much about this wonderful country of ours that we take for granted. There's cups of tea, the weather forecast, double-decker buses, pubs on every corner, the 'national pastime' of queuing... and lollipop ladies, sandcastles, conkers, Blackpool rock, deep fried Mars Bars... Big Ben and Eros, Winston Churchill and Thunderbirds, Mr Whippy ice cream... and did we mention red phone boxes, juicy leeks, screeching bagpipes and Dennis the Menace?

Can you answer the Best of British questions on real-life, finger-on-the-pulse of 21st century British lifestyle situations? Here are a few examples....

Where might you encounter toucans, pelicans and puffins while on a shopping trip?
They’re all types of pedestrian crossing
What is the most popular fish used for Fish & Chips?
What’s the UK’s most popular name for a girl born in December?
Who were Randolph, Diana, Sarah, Mary and Marigold?
Winston Churchill’s children
What does WAG stand for?
Wives and Girlfriends
What is the only letter in the English alphabet that is not one syllable?
The letter 'W'
What connects footballers Wayne Rooney, John Terry and Stephen Gerrard with Fish & Chips?
They had fish & chips on the menu at their weddings
2-6 players or teams
Ages 12 - adult
“The game of what makes Britain British”
2-6 players or teams
Ages 12 to adult