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Gasping, Screeching, Magic and Mayhem
For 1 player
Aged 8+
The reactions are shock & horror - but it's all clean, clever trickery. THE BOX OF SHOCKS is an hilarious, appalling (non-staining) riot!

AT LAST - THE BOX OF SHOCKS - the shocking twin to GROSS MAGIC.

GROSS made audiences go "YEUCHHHH!" THE BOX OF SHOCKS makes them SCREAM and GASP.

Every trick and gag in the box has just one target - to take your victim totally by surprise and extract that satisfying shriek!

Several brand new tricks are included; like breaking a finger backwards, ramming a pen through your hand and... er, well ... REALLY shocking tricks we just can't give away here.

Shock Glass

The Shock Glass.

Pour water into a cup then toss it over your victim (without them getting wet).