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You can always rely on us to come up with some exciting new games in time for the festive season, and this year is no exception. This month, our 'Prize Pair' consists of two of them - which will be great fun for all the family to play!

First we have our new BANG ON! board game (rrp £27.99 - for two or more players in teams). It revolves around an electronically controlled 'Bang On' unit and a hammer - and sees teams or individuals compete to name as many items from their card as possible, in multiple highly-charged, tension-inducing bursts - before the red timer knob comes plunging down! Think 'name round fruits' and 'Queens of England' and you'll see there are plenty of opportunities for absolutely everyone to get involved, right from the off!

Then it's an excruciatingly exciting free-for-all - as every correct answer shouted out wins another bang with the hammer, sending the timer knob whizzing back up to the top again, so gaining enough time for someone to shout out another answer...

This all goes on at break neck speed - until either the time runs out or the maximum score of ten answers per round is achieved. The gamesters then move their playing piece along the board by the number of answers scored - dealing with various cunning mishaps and challenges along the way... such as Challenge Cards, Extra Bang, Bust Spaces, Gag a Player etc. And of course the first players or individuals to land on or pass the Finish space win the game!

To keep the little ones happy, there's also the hilarious new SHARK BITE table-top game (rrp £24.99, age 4+ - for two to four players). With the mechanical shark's mouth set to open, the roll of the dice determines how many pieces of yummy fish food each child has to 'catch', using the fishing rod. But watch out... at any time, the shark can snap his jaws shut, accompanied by the inevitable squeals of horror and delight! That means that player has lost all his or her fish, and is out of the round!

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