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WIN a wonderful pair of Wordsearch games

If yours is the sort of family that enjoys word games, and especially word searches, you're going to love this month's double prize!

Our Wordsearch Classic game (rrp £19.99, age 8 to adult) is a clever word-search race - but read on, there's a Junior version, too! The game play for Wordsearch Classic is ingeniously simple. One of the circular double-sided game cards is slotted onto the 'wheel base'. Everyone (up to four people can play in each round) frantically scans the board, searching for the designated word among the jumbled letters - and the first person to see it 'claims' it by placing their coloured see-through markers over the word. Play continues in a clockwise direction, and each time the outer ring is turned to reveal the next word... but you have to act quickly as other players can cross your words and remove some of your markers! And of course the person who gets all their coloured markers on the board first wins the game.

Wordsearch Junior (rrp £18.99, age 4+, for up to 4 players) brings the same unique 'turntable' format to the tinies, helping them to get to grips with recognition, pattern and language. It comes with nine double-sided puzzle disks, and little ones can dive in straight away - searching for images and patterns on the starter-level blue picture pattern cards. The red level takes them through the picture hint cards - finding words with picture hints to help them. Using the green word-only cards, they'll be looking for easy consonant clusters and vowel combinations - increasing their reading skills without even realising it!

Wordsearch Junior motivates youngsters to build on their embryonic language, recognition, pattern and reasoning skills while enriching their vocabulary through exposure to images, letters and words. The game is also proving to be immensely helpful to children who may be struggling with reading and language, providing a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when they succeed.

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