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This month our prizes are two hilarious new games which cater for the older members of the family. PANDEMONIO (rrp £19.99) is for age 8 to adult, so it's perfect for multi-generational play, and WHO'S THE DUDE (rrp £24.99) is an adult game - for players 16 and over.

First comes PANDEMONIO - a brilliant, wild and wacky card trading game - where everyone plays at once, all the time! The card-swapping mayhem is overseen by Wind-up Colin - a coffee cup timer who keeps time for every round - by marching down his track in the centre of the colourful playing board. Each turn, players must collect as many cards as possible with the same image (planes, footballs, ear-phones, hamburgers etc.) that their playing piece is sitting on. Everyone swaps cards madly (face down) for an equal number of an opponent's cards, swapping again and again until Colin stops - then moving on by the number of correct cards collected.

Have you ever played the age-old game of charades? Probably! But have you performed various activities, like being 'on a first date' or 'planking', or 'putting on sunscreen' with a life-sized inflated Dude? Bet you haven't! These, and over 440 charades in total, are exactly the kind of innuendo-enhancing scenarios that you're likely to encounter with our new WHO'S THE DUDE? adult game. You have 45 seconds... using either the downloaded 'The Dude App' or the timer on your phone, for your mates to guess exactly what is going on, in as many situations as possible!

Can you convince your fellow players that you're 'stuffing a turkey', 'pole dancing' or 'blowing The Dude's nose'? This is a game that truly rewards inventiveness, persuasive miming, and let's be frank, outright sauciness! When someone gets a correct guess they're awarded a point - then it's the next person or team's go. After 4 rounds, the person or team with the highest number of points wins.

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