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Three chances to win a super pair of our Number One best-selling titles, which the whole family can enjoy together!

Here's your chance to win two of our greatest products - both of which have been UK Number One best-sellers over the years! If you're one of the very few people out there who haven't played our perennially popular Articulate! team board game (rrp £32.99, age 12+) - here's your chance! Perfect for players aged 12 and upwards, it's an absolute riot! Speed is of the essence, and the more words your team can guess from your descriptions before the timer runs out, the quicker you'll cross the finishing line!

How quickly can you define a word - from the categories Object, Nature, Person, Action, World and Random - without actually saying it The timer is started, and the 'Describers' take it in turns to describe their way through as many question card entries as possible to their team members - the 'Guessers'.. Players frantically try to put over words as diverse as Limousine, Post, Swim and Tulip, in just 30 seconds. Besides talking, you can gesticulate or mime if you get the urge and you think it'll help!

Experience tells us that the 'Wow!' factor will be enormous when you get hold of our chart-busting Gross Magic (rrp £19.99, age 8+). The easy-to-follow instructions will help you demonstrate dozens of crazy illusions with which to intrigue and entrance your victims (sorry, audience!). The tricks use a very different class of prop: pretend cockroaches, slime, a trained flea, a bursting eyeball, a squidgy brain - and other foul creations. Sick bag not included!

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