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Below you will find recent press releases on an exciting selection of Drumond Park’s current board games, action games and magic sets. If you are a bona fide press, broadcast or online journalist or blogger and need more information on any of these products, images or review copies - or to arrange promotions with Drumond Park games as prizes, please contact Ms Ray Hodges, whose details are on the base of each press release.

Mon 14-Nov-2016Big news - our research predicts that sales of table-top games are set to soar this Christmas!
Mon 7-Nov-2016Educational feature - table-top games help consolidate what children learn at school!
Tue 4-Oct-2016CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE SUGGESTIONS - new Children's and Family games, review copies available
Tue 27-Sep-2016Halloween is approaching ... get set for Trick or Treat fun with these great MAGIC SETS!
Mon 8-Aug-2016New DIG IN! - the irresistible table-top game of frantic finding fun. The whole family will love it!
Tue 2-Aug-2016New CRAZY CLAW - the action-packed arcade-style game of bouncing balls and a grabbing claw
Fri 29-Jul-2016New PICKIN' CHICKENS - gather round, kids ... collect coloured chickens, but watch out for the jumping fox!
Mon 4-Jul-2016New STOOPIDO - load up your glasses, kids ... it's the game of 1,000 silly faces!
Thu 4-Feb-2016Fancy a not-so-quiet night in? Try one of these Family/Adult best-sellers
Thu 4-Feb-2016Take your pick from these great new Children's products
Mon 23-Nov-2015Gift Guide Suggestions - five brand new games for children
Thu 12-Nov-2015Ready-made feature: Five games you can bring to the Christmas Party (family/adult titles)
Thu 12-Nov-2015Ready-made feature: THE five games of Christmas (new children's titles)
Tue 6-Oct-2015Gift Guide Suggestions - five games for families/adults
Fri 21-Aug-2015All Star Family Fortunes - now updated with 300 new survey questions
Fri 7-Aug-2015The Box of Shocks - practice makes perfect for these marvellously clever gags
Wed 22-Jul-2015New LOGO Lite - a double whammy: a brilliant new game and 264 more LOGO cards
Tue 21-Jul-2015New Gee Whizz - a dazzling collection of amazing activities and tremendous tricks
Fri 17-Jul-2015New Og on the Bog - steal a loo roll before Og lets rip and blows his bog to bits!
Tue 14-Jul-2015Gross Magic - newly 'refreshed' and shockingly vile ... as never before!
Wed 8-Jul-2015Horrid Practical Jokes - perfect for pranksters, the ultimate in hideous tricks!
Fri 3-Jul-2015New Rattle Me Bones - kids love this game - it's bone-shakingly good!
Mon 1-Jun-2015New Sshh! Don't Wake Dad - he's snoring in the middle of the board!
Fri 29-May-2015New Barbecue Party - completely portable, no batteries needed and great for play dates
Wed 10-Sep-2014Don't Laugh! - you absolutely cannot, MUST NOT laugh!
Tue 26-Aug-2014Introducing SHOUT! - a team game of looking, linking and thinking!
Sat 16-Aug-2014New LOGO Grab - great for children, too
Fri 15-Aug-2014New LOGO Grab Family Game
Fri 8-Aug-2014Newly Updated Articulate for Kids
Wed 4-Jun-2014188 Summer Line Up

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