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Wordsearch Junior

Junior Articulate Board

For children who are learning their letters - Wordsearch Junior is a brilliant introduction to spotting patterns of pictures and simple words.

Wordsearch Junior leads children from searching out rows of animals or fruits in a grid of pictures to looking for short words linked to pictures like CAT, DOG or BED. It gets younger children used to the whole idea of searching for rows in a grid, and gives new readers valuable practice at recognising words.

Contents: 1 Wordsearch board, 9 double-sided game discs (18 games), 4 x 35 marking pieces (red, yellow, green, blue), instructions.

The player with the most coloured markers on the board when all the words have been found is the winner.

Blue Level
Lets younger players practice finding rows of simple items like strawberries or apples. When they find a row they cover it with cover it with their coloured see-through markers to score.

Red Level
On the next level of grids the players must find a picture – say a DOG – with the word spelled in a row beside it.

Green Level
Finally the children can play with a small grid of pure letters looking for simple words like HAT, EYE or BALL.

1-4 players
Ages 4+