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The Logo Board Game

The Logo Board Game
Logo game advert punchlines
The game about logos... of things you know and love
Logo game box

The Logo family of games

Our life is full of THINGS! From chocolate to cereal, football to flowers - and they all have LOGOs.

The LOGO board game is all about those logos AND the things wrapped up in them. It taps into the knowledge we've piled up over our lives & adds a few astonishing facts and surprises to entertain the whole family.

It's easy to learn and fun to play. Just answer the questions to leap around the board. The first player to answer correctly in the winning zone - WINS!

For 2-6 players aged 12 to adult, £32.99

New for 2015! LOGO Lite is a tense, fun and fast game concept in its own right but it also DOUBLES UP by providing additional questions for the original LOGO game - with its pack of two hundred and sixty four fully compatible new cards!

“The game about logos... of things you know and love”
2-6 players
12 to adult