Dennis the Menace and Gnasher Game Rules


You are all kids who have just moved to Beano Town. You each want to prove you are a Menace not a Softy. To win the game you have to play three Dirty Tricks on the various characters drawn on the board. To play Dirty Tricks you use the bits and pieces which you collect on your travels.


Take all the Trick Bits and spread them evenly around the buildings on the board.

Everyone pick a playing character and put it into one of the flat plastic stands. Put all your playing characters in the school play ground. The youngest player goes first then play moves round the group to the left.

Before the game starts shuffle the Dirty Trick Cards and give three to each player. Keep these secret so noone else knows what you are trying to collect. Lay them face down on the table beside you. Each card describes a Dirty Trick, and the Trick Bits used to play it. You must move around the board collecting the right Trick Bits before you can play the trick and win the card.

The first player throws the dice and moves out into the street, and along the spaces by the number thrown. They do whatever is written on the space, then it is the next player's turn.


To collect a Trick Bit you must go to the front door of the house where the Trick Bit is. You pick it up and put it beside you on the table.

You can only collect one Trick Bit at a time from any one building, you must collect the next Bit from another building then if you want you can return to the first building for another bit, or move on round the board.

You can collect Trick Bits for any of your Dirty Tricks not just the first one you intend to play.


When you have collected the right Trick Bits to play one of your three Dirty Tricks, move round the board by your nomal turns to the house of your intended victim (you can choose anyone). BEFORE you move up the garden path, TURN OVER your Dirty Trick Card and tell everyone you are going to play a Dirty Trick. If you get to the front door before Dad or SS appear in the Street you win the Card. Slip it half under the board to show you have won it.

Put the Trick Bits for the Dirty Trick you just played back on other buildings around the board.


Dad and Sergeant Slipper patrol Beano Town to stop any kids playing tricks on people. If they are moved to a Street while a player is on the way up a garden path to play a trick, the player is caught red handed, sent back to the Playground, and the Trick Bits needed for that Trick are confiscated and put back into buildings around the board by the player who moved Dad or SS to the Street.

If Dad or SS are already standing in the street and you don't notice and start up a garden path to play a trick, you are immediately caught and sent back to the Playground and you Trick Bits confiscated and put back in buildings round the board by the player who had the turn before you.

You keep the Dirty Trick card and you must now collect the right Trick Bits all over again.


You get Menace Points (red disks) and Softy Points (violet disks) when you land on various places on the board. You can get rid of Softy points by using Menace points. Just put the same number of Menace Points back in the Menace points dish as you want to put Softy points back in the Softy dish. For example... to get rid of four Softy points you have to put four Menace points back in the Menace Points dish and four Softy points back in the Softy Points dish.

Remember you can't win if you have any Softy points, although you CAN collect Trick Bits and play your first two Dirty Tricks.


If you land on a "Do a Dennis" place, you throw the dice to get a number from 1 to 6 and then you must perform the task on the DO A DENNIS CARD.

The rest of the players decide what your reward will be depending on how well you do the performance. You can get from 1 to 4 Dennis Points for a GOOD performance or from 1 to 4 Softy Points for a BAD performance. You cannot repeat a rhyme or fairy tale that someone else has already said during the same game.

In the case of a disagreement, the player to the right of the player Doing a Dennis decides on the final score.


You must complete three Dirty Tricks and end up with no Softy Points.

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