Pig Goes Pop Rules


To feed the Pig the burgers and pump up his tummy WITHOUT bursting open his coat!


Lay out all the burgers on the table with their numbers face down.

Twist the pig's tail to the left to let out any air from his tummy.

Push down the pig's arms until they click into position against his sides.

Close his coat and fasten his belt.


The youngest player begins.

Roll the dice:

  • If it shows a single colour - pick a burger of that colour.
  • If it shows the four-colour circle - pick any colour burger.
  • If it shows a cross or there are no burgers left of the colour you rolled - your turn is over and the next player starts their turn.

There is a number printed on the bottom of the burger - remember it.

Pop the burger into the pig's mouth.

Now push down hard on his head to pump up his tummy. You must pump his head the number of times shown on the burger.

Example: If the dice rolls red you pick a red burger. The bottom of this burger might show the number 3. You put the burger in the Pig's mouth and push down hard on its head 3 times! Watch his tummy swell!

If his coat POPS open YOU LOSE that game! If not, the next player to the left starts their turn. Keep playing until PIG GOES POP!

REMEMBER: At the end of each game twist the pigs tail to let the air out of his tummy. Take the burgers out of the pig by opening the hatch on his back, and you're ready to play PIG GOES POP again!