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February 7, 2023

We asked the AI bot...

The ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence thingy is all over the news at the moment.

Our hope is that it’ll quickly lead to a golden future in which we can recline in leisure, sipping cocktails, whilst the AI bot designs our board games for us. Rather than some sort of dystopian nightmare where we’ll be enslaved by sentient machine overlords working in collusion with ant-like beings newly-arrived from the Andromeda galaxy.

Perhaps it’ll be something in between.

It’s still early days, obviously. Until then, we thought the best way of testing the system’s progress was to ask it for a few tips on how to play our games.

So, here’s a selection of its responses, together with some comments from us.


QUESTION: What is the key to a good ‘Articulate’ description?

“The key to a good description in the Articulate board game is to be clear, concise, and descriptive. Here are some specific factors to consider:

Vocabulary: Choose words that are familiar to your team and that you can describe accurately and effectively.

Concision: Keep your descriptions brief and to the point. Avoid using filler words or phrases that do not add to the description.”

OUR RATING: Excellent advice, if a little obvious. The ‘filler words’ point is spot-on.

FOLLOW UP: Can you give an example of a good description of the topic 'Louis Armstrong'?

"Louis Armstrong was an American jazz musician and singer known for his charismatic stage presence and distinctive, gravelly voice. He was a pioneer in the development of the jazz style known as swing, and is considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. He was famous for his powerful, bluesy trumpet playing, which set the standard for modern jazz improvisation."

OUR RATING: ‘Brief and to the point’, you say?!? How long’s your timer?!?


QUESTION: Can you give me some tips to win at the Logo Board Game?

“Communicate with your team: Talk to your teammates and share any insights or guesses you have. Good communication and teamwork are key to success.”

OUR RATING: Good advice. Nobody likes a blurter. Consider your answers and get a consensus.

“Be observant: Pay close attention to the logos and the brands that have already been named. This will help you eliminate options and make it easier to guess correctly.”

OUR RATING: OK, Mr. AI Bot, you need to brush up on the rules a little. As everybody knows, the Logo Board Game isn’t just about ‘guessing the logos’. 5/10.


QUESTION: Can you give me some tips to win at the Rapidough board game?

“Be a good observer: Pay close attention to the clay model being created and try to pick up on any specific details or clues that may help you guess the word or phrase.

Think creatively: Sometimes, the model may be abstract or metaphorical. Try to think of different interpretations or associations that may help you guess the word.”

OUR RATING: This is all excellent advice – especially the second bit. Successful Rapidough partnerships often consist of people who think on the same weird wavelength. 10/10 for our bot friend, here.


QUESTION: Can you give me some tips to win at the Fill Your Pants game?

“I apologize but I don't have information about a specific board game called ‘Fill Your Pants’. Can you please provide more context or details about the game? This will help me better understand the game and give more specific tips to win.

Fair enough – the game’s only a couple of years old. To clarify: you have to be the first to find an item pertaining to the topic card, and to stuff it in a pair of giant underpants. Of course.

“Plan ahead: Before the game starts, think about common household items that fit the topic and where they might be located.”

OUR RATING: Excellent.

“Work fast: The first player to find an item and stuff it into the pants wins, so be quick and efficient in your search.”

OUR RATING: You’ve really got the hang of this.

“Think outside the box: Don't be afraid to be creative with your guesses. For example, if the topic is ‘something orange,’ consider items like tangerines, traffic cones, or construction vests.

OUR RATING: A traffic cone?!? OK, the pants are big, but…

Thanks to ChatCPT for its time.

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