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October 1, 2019

Bad Rapidough: a photoshoot

There aren’t that many games that become funnier the worse you are at it.

But Rapidough fits the bill here. Big time.

We got together in the office earlier this year to put together some Rapidough modelling for a photoshoot. And it quickly transpired that professional lighting, cameras, set dressers etc. etc. would be a TOTAL WASTE OF EVERYBODY’S TIME AND MONEY and that we should just slap out the dough on the table, point and laugh at each other, and grab the sort of rudimentary pics that our efforts deserved.

So for game fans everywhere, we humbly present a selection of Drumond Park’s very own BAD RAPIDOUGH. Which we have subsequently Photoshopped to demonstrate that it actually PRETTY GOOD.

(If you’re on social media, do post your worst Rapidough. Tag the name of the game, and we’ll find it and laugh.)


Exhibit A: "Who inflated Dobbin?!?"


Exhibit B: "Yeah, who’s got the best hippo game NOW, eh…?"


Exhibit C: "Remember, remember..."


Exhibit D: (We suspect Claire was secretly proud of this one.)


Exhibit E: "The mighty Kong."


Exhibit F: Look – we just make the game, ok? There is literally no reason why we should be any good at it whatsoever.


Exhibit G: Our favourite. "Welcome to New York, land of the free."


Loads more of these on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds. And #Rapidough stockists and more info here!

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