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“The entire day, Mr Cratchit…?!?”
December 16, 2019

Customer Services: Christmas opening hours

Need help with one of our games over Christmas?

Contact our Customer Services team, who will be very pleased to help out.

Find them at https://www.drumondpark.com/customer_service - fill in the web form and they'll get right onto it.

Aside from a half-day on Christmas Eve, the office will be fully-staffed between Christmas and the New Year - with the exception of the usual weekends/Bank Holidays. Which means:

Closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Open as usual, 9am-5pm on the 27/30/31 December

Closed on the weekend of 28/29 December, then again on New Year's Day

Back to normal on Thursday 2 January...

IMPORTANT! Our social media minions will be on very reduced hours, and it's very unlikely that we'll be picking up on any social media queries until the New Year. So if you want a quick response then do use the details above.

* * *

If you’ve dusted off an old game and found that the instructions or rules have gone AWOL then we can help right away. (We get a huge amount of people on this site searching for game instructions – they’re the first thing that kids toss to one side and the dog munches up.)

You’ll find downloadable instructions for all our games here: http://www.drumondpark.com/rules

That page even covers lots of the games that we don’t make any more, so hopefully it should see you through.

And finally…

Have a great Christmas, a wonderful New Year, and thank you for continuing to support British board games!

The team at Drumond Park.


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