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July 28, 2018

Five Kids' Games for the Summer Holidays

Weeks in each others’ company; heatwave or good old-fashioned British drizzle… if you’re staying at home with the family this summer, you’ll be looking for good-value options to keep everybody entertained.

So here’s a rundown of ideas that don’t involve hours vegetating in front of a screen. Which one would inspire your family…?

The game to make them feel grown-up

Articulate for Kids takes the million-selling Articulate and… guess what?

By including kid-friendly topics into the game they know mum and dad love, Articulate for Kids is for those moments when they want to play with the grown-ups. It’s pleasingly educational (we see it in Primary schools a lot), but also shedloads of fun. You can play ‘standalone’ or integrate the kids’ cards into the adult game to make for a genuinely all-ages family games night.

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The game to release that pent-up energy

A game..? Oh yes. A sport..? Could be!

A challenge..? Most definitely…

The most ‘physical’ of the games here, King Pong is pretty unique. Set it up on the kitchen table, announce a tournament, perhaps hand out some scrap paper to keep score… King Pong is for those kids with a bit of a competitive streak and for whom ‘sitting quietly’ is an alien concept. Bounce and skim the balls into the King Pong unit – it sounds simple, but can be as challenging as you wish, and a good practice session alone can easily eat up most of the morning.

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The game to recreate in real life

Mention of Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad! might prompt a grim smile for those of you with a snoring partner – but what better way to get the younger ones to appreciate your nightly torments? Battery-operated dad snores and snorts like a good ‘un… simple, brightly-coloured gameplay challenges your kids to sneak past him for some chocolate cake. Once they’ve enjoyed the game, set up a real-life re-creation on a Sunday morning, leaving him to entertain them whilst you relocate to the sofa with a cuppa and a good book.

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The game to play with Grandma and Granddad

Wordsearch is a game based around that perennially favourite puzzle genre. It regularly pops up from under the radar onto the best-seller lists – it might not be flashy or in-your-face, but it’s got an appeal that lasts. Get the Wordsearch Junior version and you’ll find a game suitable for even the very earliest readers; a perfect way of getting a keen Grandma or Granddad involved with them whilst you take a breather.

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The non-trivia trivia game

Kids enjoy question-based games, but they present a problem – it’s next-to-impossible to devise a question-set that makes things fun and fair for everyone. Take a bow Logo – What Am I? which cleverly gets round this by asking kids to ‘describe’. The packets in the food cupboard; the car in the driveway; the familiar names on the High Street – games provide infinite variety and that all-important level playing field. We reckon for ages eight and above… and lots of fun for adults too.

Find out about Logo - What Am I?

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Sshh!!! Don't wake... oh...
What Am I? I'm LOGO for kids!
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