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June 13, 2019

From LOGO: Four classic vintage TV Ads

Ah! The LOGO Board Game… of things you know and love.

Characters, adverts, wrappers, stuff in your kitchen cupboard, your dad’s old car, confectionary, slogans, stuff from the telly, and so much more.

It’s one of Britain’s most popular board games (and pretty big overseas also). Pull out the question cards and you’ll invariably find that every player – young and old – has some sort of connection to those universal topics.

On the subject of those cards, we’re not going to start giving away answers on this blog… but we’re not averse to the odd hint or two.

Or four, when it comes to it. So enjoy this quartet of classic vintage TV ads that’ll help you along should the right card come up…


Look out for a logo…



…for Britain’s favourite breaded fish enthusiast…



…for a slightly peculiar cartoon bird…



…and for that kindly granddad who doesn’t realise his sweet packet is printed in German.



The LOGO Board Game is available in all good toyshops, online and, indeed, all over the UK!

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