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October 18, 2019

From LOGO: Four classic vintage TV Ads… part three!

The last in our trio of posts helping you along with the LOGO board game – via thirty seconds catching up with those old TV ads you know and love.

(Or know and hated.)

To recap – these won’t give you all the answers… but they’ll prompt you towards some of the topics on the cards! Nostalgic or up-to-the-minute, LOGO’s the game about… well, *stuff*.

Stuff you remember… stuff that’s in your drawers and on your walls and in your cupboards. In your shed, in your car, in your workplace, in your town… and generally in your head!

So here goes with number one:


"We have nothing in common…"



Cute cat hater? Look away now!!!



And for bonus wildlife... the ORIGINAL DRUMMING GORILLA.




The LOGO Board Game is available in all good toyshops, online and, indeed, all over the UK!

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