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January 24, 2022

2021 Roundup - the most popular posts here!

So, another year’s gone by, and Web Stats Guy has been knocking at the office door brandishing his clipboard.

“What did the blog readers enjoy reading in 2021?” we had asked him.

Here’s the list that he supplied in return. A top ten of Stuff You Found Interesting.

  • At numbers one and two: no surprise (to us) – our two brief guides to the options for extra cards for the Logo Board Game and extra cards for Articulate. These are two fairly old posts, but we updated them this year, and committed players are ALWAYS asking us about this topic. At some point, we’re going to blog about the practicalities and economics of producing these sorts of ‘expansion packs’ (TL;DR: it’s not quite as straightforward as it might seem). It’s on the list of things to do!
  • At number three we have: The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town! There’s a lot of love for the Two Ronnies out there, and – of course – you’ll find them in The Best of TV & Movies game. Here, we went into the history of that famous series-within-a-series.
  • At four, from the same game, the Match of the Day Goal of the Month music. Lists, recollections, nostalgia… it’s why the LOGO series of games is so popular UK-wide.
  • At five: where are Ribena blackcurrants grown?!? Lots of people want to know the answer. (It’s in the Classic LOGO Board Game…)
  • At six: we wrote some practical tips for people who might have invented a new board game. We’ve always tried to be open and helpful about the industry we work in, and this seems to be appreciated. Features the legendary ‘Potato Quest’.
  • At seven: our tips and general walkthrough of the new CoOperate game. Your questions (hopefully) answered!
  • At eight: the upcycled piano bar. We’ve not got around to making one yet…
  • At nine: Victor Meldrew’s on the telephone. You can guess the game (again!)
  • And finally, at ten: Tips for parents playing Articulate for Kids. Handy stuff that we’ve picked up over the years playing the game… people have always told us that this sort of information is useful, and we’re glad to help. As ever, all tips about ANY of our games are welcome!

We’ll keep blogging periodically here when we’ve something useful, interesting or fun to say. Often, we’ll follow up on social media queries as we sometimes don’t have space to reply fully there – so if there’s anything you want to know or think we should say then send us a question and we’ll try to oblige!

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