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Ingredients for Rocky Road. Note short-lived tidiness of kitchen.
September 22, 2016

Save money on outside catering! (via school homework)

A guide: heartlessly exploit your children to cater for your forthcoming games evening

You think we are nice people here at Drumond Park. But really we are ogres. Ruthlessly spotting opportunities and exploiting them without mercy. Viz, our small child-based catering scam, which went a bit like this...

The homework: “Write a set of instructions for how to make or do something”

The plan (part 1): Suggest to small child that this is exactly what a ‘recipe’ is.

The plan (part 2): Suggest that extra bonus marks might be obtained from teacher if this set of instructions was followed through in a practical manner.

The result: Child does homework. Games evening catered for at minimal personal effort.

For teachers reading this, other welcome suggestions for homework might be:

“Which is the most efficient way to load the dishwasher? Show your working.”

“How much water is required to wash the average family car?”

“If a garden measures six metres by eight metres, how many stripes will your lawnmower produce from edge to edge, assuming that you mow in perfectly straight lines and strim an exact twelve-centimetre border around the perimeter? Then make dad a cup of tea.”

Homework. Good for the soul.
The Recipe... sorry, 'instructions'
The finished product. Yum.
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