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October 6, 2015

Autumn giveaway: ‘AAAAAAAAIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!' for Shout!

Right! For our Autumn giveaway, we’re getting into the spirit of Shout! This game’s been a massive launch for us: a trivia and brainteaser barnstormer with a twist. It’s massive fun, somewhat explosively so, and already looking set to be a huuuuuge hit with families this Christmas.

You can find out a bit more about Shout! – and what makes it so vocal – here!

We’ll be sending brand-spanking-new Shout! sets to three lucky people drawn from the competition entries below. You’ll get your prize in plenty of time for whatever pre-Christmas get-together shindigs you might have planned - or to gift wrap ready for a pride-of-place spot when the tree goes up.

And that’s not all! Because we’ll package them up together with the LOGO Board Game, the original number one best seller that EVERY HOME SHOULD HAVE! If you’ve not seen LOGO before (where have you been?!?) then there’s more about it over on our LOGO pages, here.

So what do you do to win this princely pair of prizes that are together worth over £60 RRP? Well, you'll need a Twitter account but aside from that it’s as magically simple as Shout! itself.

Use our Rafflecopter giveaway thingummy doo-dah widget (below) to shout about Shout! It’ll prompt you to Tweet a good, vocal ‘AAAAAAAAAAIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!’ to get our attention and to put your name in the hat.

(You can change your shout to ‘YIIIIKESS!!!’ or even a blood-curdling ‘AARGHHH!!!!’ if you like – but don’t edit the rest of the Tweet or the link, or we can’t include you in the giveaway. We might occasionally Retweet any particularly magnificent from-the-heart shouts that reach our ears. And you can enter once per day.)

That’s it! Log in below and follow the instructions; we’ll be picking three winners utterly at random at the end of October. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All done? Good oh - now find out what else we've been up to...


LOGO. Part of the prize package!!!
Shout! A game packed with lots of fun I'm-having-a-good-time type shouting
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