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March 23, 2020

Taking a short break…

…and a few from-the-heart words about ‘Articulate!’

Like so many companies, we’ll be scaling things back for the next few weeks.

We’ve shut the office; our staff will be working at home, whilst also supporting their families and the communities around them.

We’ve heard a lot on social media that many people are looking to board games to bring their family together as they self-isolate. More on that below, but if you’re one of these people then be assured that we’ve lots left in the warehouse. We’re hoping that you can get what you need; at the time of writing, Argos may be your best bet from the big online retailers.

That said, we’re going to make changes to our social media activity for a bit. We’ve always tried to post silly and inconsequential stuff rather than anything overly salesy, but it sits ill with us as individuals to be putting out any form of commercial marketing message at a time like this.

(Also, we’ve always been the first to advocate taking time away from screens – and we want that to apply to our own staff. It’s important.)

Our Customer Services team are still working! It’s very rare, but it does happen – a missing piece or faulty unit is horribly annoying. Use the contact form at www.drumondpark.com/customer_service and THEY WILL SORT IT OUT.

A quick word to ‘Articulate!’ players

We’ve seen that some people are playing the game via FaceTime (or other video messaging thingies) with friends and family who can’t go out.

We ought to say that, for those of us closely involved with the game, this has been genuinely affecting in what has been a pretty dismal week.

Please take note: you do not need to purchase a second ‘Articulate!’ set in order to do this! We’ve seen people suggest this, but please save your money – your existing set will suffice. Split the cards, and put half of them in the post – you don’t need a board and timer at each end.

For those with ‘Articulate for Kids,’ and whose grandma or granddad (etc.) has FaceTime, we reckon it’s even easier. In general, kids seem to prefer the ‘describing’ part of the game – it makes them feel important! So keep all the cards with you, make the older generation the permanent guessers, and adapt the game accordingly – perhaps by getting the kids to keep a score sheet rather than using the board.

If we hear of other tips, we’ll add them here.

That’s it for now – we’ll update when there’s more to say.

Play safe, and follow the government advice,

Everybody at Drumond Park.

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