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Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal

2-4 Players
Ages 8+

What kind of banker are you?

When it comes to banking we all have our own individual style, but only a few of us have the length of banking experience needed to grasp the opportunity, and rise to the challenge, to become a complete professional banker.

In the show the banker is always on the phone, but if you were in his place do you think you could pull it off? It takes nerves of steel to bank infront of such a large audience... are you are up to it?

To take the test select your favourite item from each pair and click the "What kind of banker am I?" button.

National Lottery or Online Poker
Blackpool or Bulgaria
Phone or Face-to-face
Race or Relax
Weekday or Weekend
Snooze or Get up
Moon or Mouse
Websurf or Windsurf
Teamwork or Homework
Skydive or Skype
Saturday or Wednesday
Mobile or Moped
Cheese or Beans
Curtains or Blinds