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Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal

2-4 Players
Ages 8+

Deal or no Deal

The actual gameplay is a cinch for anybody who's ever watched the TV show - which of course means that Deal or No Deal is a game that all the family can play. You start by laying the 22 money tokens, representing the prize amounts ranging from 1p to 250,000, face down on the table, mixing them up, and placing them at random into the 22 red boxes (no peeking!). Each player is given four answer cards (Deal, No Deal, Swap and Stick), and the Banker's electronic phone is placed on the game board.

The youngest (or oldest, if you prefer - you're in charge!) player starts by selecting one box and places it onto the white table next to the scoreboard. This is the 'prize box' everybody's playing for.

Also on the board is the Banker's phone - which naturally is a big 'retro' replica of the one on which Noel converses with the unseen Banker on the TV show. Play proceeds with the next player selecting the first box to be opened; this is done by the player to their left, and is the opportunity for any amount of amateur dramatics!

The value inside the box is covered on the scoreboard - hopefully it'll be low and blue, but if it's got to be red, all players will want to steer clear of the biggest amounts, 'the power five'.