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As always, we are bringing yet another brilliant new range of children's table-top games to the UK marketplace, in plenty of time for Christmas! There's something there for everyone... from thrills, spills and wacky characters through to brain-teasing, linguistic endeavours – as well as some exhilarating, super-fast action tricks, too!

This month you have the chance to win one of the new games specifically developed by our boffins for the tinies, it's called...

WALLY THE WASHER (rrp £24.99, age 4+) Meet the lovable Wally the Washer toy who spins just like the real thing, before spilling out his washing as young players race to collect their coloured clothes and fill their washing lines. But watch out for the smelly sock! If it comes out with the washing on your turn, you must pop the clothes back in - and wear the clothes peg on your nose!

The engagingly characterful Wally the Washer will draw the little ones back again and again for loads of active fun and laughter, while also helping them to learn simple colours and basic counting. Parents and carers will also be delighted to discover that most small children will also be able to play with Wally as a toy, on their own. And we all know that's always a bonus!

Also included in the prize is another super-fun game which, like Wally the Washer, both boys and girls will enjoy:

CRAZY CLAW (rrp £22.99, also age 4+) This is a brilliantly loony and highly popular arcade-style game for the smaller members of the family – and the grown-ups can join in too! From the start, everyone gets involved by pounding on the paddles to get the coloured balls bouncing and bubbling about within the box. Then each player operates the grabber in turn, trying to capture one of the bouncing balls, to see what picture token is inside. The winner is the first person to collect three tokens which match the images on the picture card they have been dealt.

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