Hints and Tips

  1. You'll work out your own strategies as the game progresses - and much will depend on your own personal make up. Are you nasty or nice? A risk taker or one who plays it safe? We've put together a selection of tips to get you going - and it's up to you whether you share them with the other players...
  2. When you take a RISKY BUSINESS card the maths is fairly straightforward. You can go BUST on your first pick - but you'd be unlucky. From there, taking two or three cards is reasonably safe; four or five cards starts to ramp up the risk; more than that and you're sailing close to the wind!
  3. Don't forget - the RISKY BUSINESS cards are shuffled each time a company is launched. So just because the previous player went BUST, it doesn't follow that this card won't come up again right away. Past performance is not a guide to... etc.
  4. You're not obliged to launch a company as soon as you have three matching BRAND CARDS. Work out what you need most. A little cash right away? Or will you wait until you've picked up more matching BRAND CARDS and then launch a larger company - one that could make you a packet...?
  5. Companies formed from a larger pile of BRAND CARDS can make you lots more money - but they're also more vulnerable. You can lose the lot with the draw of a single BUST, and they're very attractive bait for a hostile takeover...
  6. STOP! Before launching a company, check the opposition. Do they have a TAKEOVER DISK and some cards of the same category as you? If so, then it might be best to wait - unless you fancy chancing it with the spinner in a takeover battle...
  7. The ON THE UP brands are extremely valuable - but this value is fleeting. Before too long, another player will land on a NEWSFLASH space, causing all the ON THE UP brands to change. So do your best to use these brands as soon as you can...
  8. You can't predict which brands will go ON THE UP - but you can try to remember which have already been there. Chances are, these brands won't reappear on the list for a while, giving them marginally less potential value (for when you're trading with opponents, etc.)
  9. You're at a big disadvantage in auctions if you don't have much cash to splash - so early on in the game, try to launch a couple of companies as soon as you can.
  10. When trading, don't forget you can buy as well as swap. The cost (30M) is relatively high near the start of the game - but well worth it later on if it keeps your opponents from building up their BRAND CARDS.
  11. Up to six players can play Logo Billionaire - and larger games can be more unpredictable, with higher stakes! A player landing on a Trade segment, for instance, might suddenly build up a company of six or seven brands from next to nothing.
  12. Don't be parsimonious during Auctions. BRAND CARDS are the core of the game, and are the way you can make millions. Even if you don't particularly want them, your opponents will - so at least try to push the price up a little!
  13. You can trade to build up your brand portfolio - or you can use the opportunity to thwart your opponents. Consider which BRAND CARDS they're relying upon, and try to take these from them - even if you've no use for them yourself.
  14. You're probably keeping an eye on your competitors' BRAND CARDS, but also be aware of their cash reserves! Start worrying if it's feasible that they could win the game with one spectacular company launch - and do all you can to thwart them!