Realising your assets

  1. This is the core of the game - so pay attention.

    Firstly, you need at least three brand cards of the same colour.

    Ask the player on your right to shuffle the RISKY BUSINESS cards and hold them face down. Keep an eye on them to make sure it's a good shuffle.
  2. Take the top card and turn it over. Your company's now valued at the amount shown on that card, multiplied by the number of BRAND CARDS of that colour that you have.

    Example: 20 million RISKY BUSINESS card x 4 brand cards = 80 million.

  3. You can leave it there. Or you can take another RISKY BUSINESS card, then another, and another - as many as you like.

    Watch your new company soar, as it's now valued at the sum total of all your RISKY BUSINESS cards, multiplied by the number of those brand cards.

    But - and there's always a 'but' - if you draw a BUST card at any point then your company has crashed! It is worth nothing. Nil, zilch, nada.

    So how many cards you risk taking is up to you...

    Once you touch a RISKY BUSINESS card you must take it! Must!
  4. If you've not gone bust, then withdraw the value of your new company from the bank and place it in a safe place. A secure vault, offshore, or on the table in front of you.

    And whether successful or bust, put your company's Brand cards back on the bottom of their Brand pile on the board - and let somebody else have a turn.