Getting ready to play

First, a management decision

You can play Logo Billionaire in one of two ways:

The APPRENTICE game. This is a slightly simpler version, good for getting to grips with the main strategies, or if you have younger business people playing.

The EXECUTIVE game. This is the full-on, no-holds-barred, go-for-it game.

Which one shall we go for? The Apprentice game - the Executive game

ADVANCED GAME OPTION: You can adjust the game to reflect the real-life financial markets, which are sometimes good (bullish) and sometimes bad (bearish). By default, the full RISKY BUSINESS deck is bullish, with a ratio of 1:9 BUST cards. But you can make the game a little more bearish by removing three 10M cards from the deck before the start of play. This increases the odds of a BUST to 1:8... but also increases your chances of drawing higher value cards. It's your call!