Startup: the 'Apprentice' game

  1. Here's the sequence to follow:

    Lay out the board and put the spinner through the middle.

    Ignore the TAKEOVER disks and the ON THE UP/NEWSFLASH cards. You won't be needing them in this Apprentice version.
  2. But you will need the six BRAND CARD sets. So place them, face up, on their coloured spaces on the board.

    Now, for each of these sets, you want to take the same number of cards as there are players. So - for example - if there are four players, you take four cards from each of the six sets, making 24 cards in total.

    Shuffle those BRAND CARDS that you've chosen and deal them out. Each player now needs to lay out their BRAND CARDS in front of them, grouped by colour, face up. Everybody needs to be able to see them.
  3. Choose the most upright and trustworthy person amongst you and appoint them banker. Tell them to put the money in the slots in the tray.

    Lay out the CERTIFICATES OF INCORPORATION face down.

    Each player should now pick a CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION, and take the playing piece that corresponds with this. So 'Dragon Industries' should take the dragon, and so on. If they can't get this bit right then honestly they might struggle later on.
  4. Now each player needs to put their piece on any board space near them. Any space - it doesn't matter.

    It's now over to the Banker to hand out £50 million to each player.

    To achieve compliance with the strict financial regulations of the major financial centres, the youngest player starts, and play moves to the left.