How to get ahead in business.

  1. When a player launches a company, any competitor with a TAKEOVER DISK can move quickly to win the spoils for themselves.

    However, they have at least one BRAND card that matches the company being launched.

    The first step is to shout "Takeover!!!" as soon as the company launch is announced.

    Only one player per turn can attempt a Takeover. If two or more want to try, the person who has shouted "Takeover!!!" first wins the chance to try.

    (So keep alert and plan ahead. I'd be happy to book a training room for you if you'd like to try shouting "Takeover!!!" a few times, for a bit of practice.)
  2. To mount your Takeover challenge, spin the spinner. Add the number that comes up to the number of matching BRAND cards you hold.

    The player launching the company does the same. And the player with the highest total wins all the cards (including yours, if your takeover has failed).

    Any BRAND cards that are 'ON THE UP' count as two.
  3. If your takeover does fail, then the company launch goes ahead as normal.

    If your takeover succeeds, congratulations! But you can't launch the company yourself yet - you must wait until one of your own turns.

    If it's a draw - spin again.

    Win or lose, your TAKEOVER DISK has been used. So return it to the pile on the board.