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November 29, 2023

LOGO Bonus Question #5

What type of creature was Wilbur, star of the old British Gas ads?

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Answer: a penguin!

Young Wilbur starred for a five-year period, bringing a small, cutesy-cuddly face to one of Britain’s largest industrial utility companies.

The amiable antarctican revelled in the warmth and cosiness of homes supplied by British Gas. Soft toys followed, which seem to be now changing hands for eyebrow-raising prices on Ebay.

Wilbur was retired at the beginning of this decade, when it was felt that the little fellow no longer represented the breadth of services offered by the company.

Their Marketing Director nailed it in an interview at the time: “When your boiler breaks down you don’t need a penguin, you need one of our engineers,” she revealed.

No prizes for guessing what Wilbur’s favourite chocolate biscuit bar might have been… but for a bonus, can you name Asda’s lunchbox equivalent, that caused a bit of a legal ruckus due to packaging similarities?

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Answer: The Puffin!

You’ll still find Puffins for sale in your local Asda (and delicious they are, too)… but they had to change the wrapper design substantially after a wrap over the knuckles in the High Court.

Passing judgement upon a lawsuit filed by angry penguins, Mr. Justice Walker ordered packaging changes to take place to protect consumers – although he cleared Asda of infringing the famous brand’s registered trademarks and allowed the supermarket to continue selling their own biscuits.

He did raise a stern, judge-like eyebrow though, upon noting that advertising had occasionally encouraged customers to ‘Pick up a Puffin’.

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