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Ghostly things... how many can you get...?
June 13, 2016

Shout's Ghostly Card

Shout’s a little newer than some of our classics, but it’s already established itself as a family favourite for those in the know. If you’ve not played it before, then you’re in for a treat.

Essentially, it takes the ‘answer under pressure’ element that makes our massively mega-successful games such as Articulate and Rapidough such a riot when good friends get together. But instead of being asked to ‘describe’ things, you’re presented with a battery of brainteasers, word games and picture clues.

It’s a cocktail of general knowledge, trivia and lateral thinking – the latter of which often flies out of the window as the timer starts to run down. To add to the fun, everybody answers at once – hence the title!

We picked a card at random for a demonstration – see how many you can get whilst you enjoy this imaginatively-chosen video of Tears for Fears. Then scroll down a bit for the answers - which all have something to do with ghosts.

  1. Ghost Town. Of course. As in [adopts ‘Specials’ voice] ‘This town… aaahh-ah!’
  2. Ghostbusters!!! Make sure to shout this in the correct Ghost-BUSTERS type way.
  3. Applications from people keen to work for the real MI5 soared after the first series of Spooks, despite the gruesome death of a main character via a notorious deep-fat-fryer scene.
  4. Ghostwriter. The Drumond Park blog is written by a team of ghostwriters. There is actually no such person as ‘Drumond Park’.
  5. Ghost Train. These people are Britain’s ultimate ‘ghost train’ enthusiasts – check out their website http://theghoststationhunters.smugmug.com/
  6. The much-loved friendly ghost Casper starred in a hit 1995 movie. Sequels were spectacularly less successful, haunting the graveyard of ‘straight to DVD’
  7. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s multi-award winning adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera opened in 1986. A hideous apparition that stalked the musical theatre with malign intent, Mr Lloyd Webber now sits in the House of Lords.
  8. That previous joke (see #7) is so old that it’s about to Give up the Ghost.
  9. Spirit. Don’t mind if we do – cheers!

More about Shout!

Some ghosts - but not one of the answers
Some real people enjoying 'Shout!'. (Picture not at all posed by models)
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