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Articulate Christmas Rules


Articulate Christmas is a description game in which team members take turns to describe Christmassy words to each other. Each team has a jigsaw of Santa in his sleigh. At the end of each turn the team adds the number of jigsaw pieces, equal to the number of words they guessed correctly, to their growing jigsaw. The first team to complete their jigsaw wins.


  • Divide into two teams of any number.
  • Each team takes the pieces that make up one whole jigsaw.
  • Place the Christmas Articulate cards in a handy spot for both teams to reach.
  • Note that the dice colours match the Question Colours (beside each question on the cards).
  • Players should decide on whether “passing” is allowed and if so, how many per turn.
  • The team with the youngest player goes first.
  • Decide which team member will be the first DESCRIBER (each team member must take their turn at being DESCRIBER during the game).


  • The DESCRIBER throws the dice.
  • The colour thrown is the Question Colour for that turn.
  • They take the first card and describe the word beside the Question Coloured box.
  • As soon as their teammates guess the word, they drop the card and grab another – describing the word beside the same Question Coloured box on that card.
  • They continue describing card entries in this way until the timer runs out.
  • The team’s score is the number of words guessed correctly.
  • The team now adds the number of pieces to their jigsaw equal to their score – keep the big Santa jigsaw piece to put down as the last winning piece in the game.
  • The first team to complete their jigsaw WINS!