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Bubble Buster


1. Not all burst bubbles will make a PING noise. The slower and more deliberate the movement to prod and burst a bubble, the more likely it will PING.
2. The very best way to make a PING is to "catch" the bubble between the antennas, then twitch the wand to burst it.
3. In dry air it may help to rub a little bubble-liquid over the balls at the ends of the wand's antennas so it PINGS more easily.
4. If the wand makes a continuous noise, the head needs to be wiped clean of bubble liquid.

Getting Ready to Play

An adult should put four AA batteries into the screw-fixed compartment in the bubble blower and two AAA batteries into the screw-fixed battery compartment of each bubble buster wand.

Take the white "eyes" panel off the front of the bubble blower and fill the bowl with bubble solution .

Switch on each wand. When you burst your first magic pinging bubble the wand will make the first "ping" and the red light on the handle will come on to show you have enough battery power.

Game Play

Press the button on the top of the bubble blower to start the bubbles blowing. When you want to switch off the blower press this button again.

The two players must start bursting bubbles as quickly as possible. The game is a race to see who can be the first to burst 20 magic pinging bubbles. Make sure both silver antennas touch the bubble when you burst it or the wand will not count it.

When you burst a magic pinging bubble the wand makes a "ping" noise. As you burst more magic pinging bubbles, the "pings" get higher in pitch.


When you burst the 20th magic pinging bubble the wand makes a chime with several notes to let you know that YOU are the winner! If both players' wands chime at the same time the game is a draw.

Starting a new Game

Switch both wands off and on again to start a new game.

If you don't pop any bubbles for three minutes, the wand will switch itself off, touch a magic pinging bubble to switch it on again.


If the wand makes no sound, use a metal rule (or other small metal object) to touch both antennas, this should make a sound and switch on the little red light, if this does not work then replace the batteries. You may also try wetting your finger or using the palm of your hand to touch both antennas.

If you get a repeating sound, switch off the wand. Clean the head and silver antennas with a damp cloth then dry it before switching on again.

If the wand still does not make a sound then please call our customer service number 0844 477 8412 for assistance.

Please wipe dry the wand and antennas before putting them away.

Did you know that bubbles evaporate? so the earlier you touch them the better the chance of finding that magic PING noise.


If the blower is not blowing bubbles consistently, top up the fluid.

Do not stop the blower arms going round while it is switched on.

If the blower is used outside and there is a light wind, face the blower so that it blows in the same direction as the wind.

Always pour the remaining bubble liquid back into the bottle after use. There is a spout on the bottom edge of the blower opening to help pour cleanly. Always wipe dry before putting away.

For best results place blower unit approx 800mm off ground level.

The contents are expressly designed for the purpose described and shown, neither should be placed in or near water, they are electronic and will not withstand repeated mistreatment.

WARNING: Residue from the blown bubbles can cause the surface below the blower to become slippery.