Family Fortunes Board Game Rules

Rules for 5 or more players


One player is selected to be the host. Divide the remaining players into two teams of equal numbers. If this is an odd number one team will have an extra player. Set up the board with the front side facing the two teams. Remove battery tab from electronic unit.


One player from each team is selected. These two players prepare themselves for the first question and sit by their team's buzzer (A or B) on the sound unit, the respective LED will flash for 5 seconds. The host takes out the top card from the question box and tells the players how many answers are on the card (3, 4 or 5) then reads out the first question. The two players by the buzzers rush to press first and give an answer. If this answer appears amongst those on the host's card, the host writes this in the matching position on the front side of the dry wipe board along with the score. If this is the top answer, the successful player consults their team to decide if they want to play or pass on the rest of this round.

If the answer given was not the top answer, the other player has the opportunity to try and give an answer worth more points. If both players fail to give an answer that scores any points, the first player has another go, then the second player and so on. Should both players fail to give a scoring answer after three attempts, a different player from each team takes the position by the buzzers and are given the next question by the host.

Play or Pass:

The host asks the player giving the highest answer if their team would like to play or pass. If they pass, the other team will play. The team that plays chooses another player from their team to give a different answer to the same question. If it is also a scoring answer, the host writes it in the relevant position on the board with its score as before. If the answer is not a scoring answer, the host has the pleasure of pressing the wrong answer button in the middle of the sound unit and writes a cross on that team's side of the scoreboard.

The host will continue to ask different players in turn, chosen by the team, for another answer. If the team fills in all the answers before receiving three crosses, they win the total points on the board for the round. This is written in the total score box on that team's side of the scoreboard. All players must take turns at answering. Teams cannot confer in answers but any player can say if they think they have a good answer.

If the team playing doesn't fill in all the answers before receiving three crosses, the other team can confer to try and come up with one of the answers missing from the board. If they do so they steal all the points on the board for that round (including the answer just given). If this answer also receives a cross, the first team keeps all the points scored. Points won are written in that team's box in the top corner of the board. All used cards are placed to the back of the card box.

Further rounds:

An entire game includes a total of five rounds. The first three rounds are for single points and the last two are for double points, where the host simply doubles the points indicated on the card before writing them on the board.

Bonus Points:

Some answers throughout the five rounds will be worth bonus points. Any player achieving these gains the extra points for their team. When a bonus answer is given, the host indicates this by pressing the bonus button in the middle of the unit which emits the 'Bonus Point' sound. These bonus points are indicated on the question cards and are added directly onto the team's score in the top corner of the board (they are not added to the points for that game since they cannot be stolen). Bonus points are not doubled if won during a double points round.

Big points:

The team with the lowest total score after the first five rounds will select two of their members to play the first big points round.

The host takes out the next five question cards from the box. The first player will be asked these five questions in quick succession.

This player will be given 45 seconds to answer these five questions. The host presses the '45 second' button on the unit after reading out the first question.(The respective LED will flash then speed up for the last 5 seconds followed by the 'Time up' sound).

The host writes the answers given on the front side of the board without their actual score. While this is happening, the second player must be out of the room, so they do not hear any of the questions and answers given.

When the 45 seconds are up the host will go through the first player's answers, writing in any points scored in the box to the right of each answer. Any top answer is indicated by two arrows written in the box to the right of the answer.

The host will now call the second player back into the room. This player will be told how many points in total the first player scored and how many top answers were given.

The same questions are then given to the second player, who has 60 seconds to give their answers. The host presses the '60 second' button, again after the first question has been read out. These answers are written on the other side of the board. If any answer is repeated, the host will say "try again" and the player must give an alternative answer. When the 60 seconds are up, the host will go through the second player's answers in the same way.

The total scores from the two players is added to that team's total to give their final overall score.

The team that was leading after the first five rounds now selects two of its players to play their big points round with a new set of five questions. The points scored are then added to their score.


In the big points round, if one team hits all five top answers and the other doesn't, then that team wins the game. Otherwise, the team with the highest overall score wins.

Rules for 3 or 4 players

When playing a big points round as a single player, that player is given two different sets of five questions. Scoring seven top answers (from the ten questions) acts as the equivalent of two players scoring the five top answers. The single player is given 45 seconds on both sets of five questions.

Hamming it up!

The player acting as the host can recreate the game show atmosphere by hamming up their performance.

Cleaning the Board:

The pen included is a standard 'Dry Wipe' type. Remove writing with a soft cloth or tissue. Remember to wipe clean both sides before storing.