Logo Billionaire Game (Executive) Rules


The Executive rules complete the game adding more strategy and interaction between the players. Newsflashes affect everyone with good or bad news. 'On The Up' brands highlight the importance of individual brands by increasing the launch value of companies containing them. Takeovers make everyone more aware of what their opponents are holding - if another player CAN take over your new company, they probably will!

If you're new to the game the easy way to learn to play is to start with the APPRENTICE RULES.


Getting Ready to play

Put the On the Up / Newsflash cards and Takeover disks on the playing board.

On the Up / Newsflash cards

These are double sided cards with a newsflash on one side and a list of brands on the other that are being very successful at the moment.

ON THE UP Brands

ON THE UP Brands are the list on the top card of the Newsflash pile, It changes every time a Newsflash card is taken. The listed Brands double the value of their Brand cards when included in a company launch - ONLY when they're on top of the pile.



NEWSFLASH: news that changes the value of certain brands and categories, also includes auctions of Brand cards.



TAKEOVER: On this icon pick up a TAKEOVER disk. You can only have one at a time.

Taking over a Company

  1. When a company is being launched, any player with a Takeover disk and one (or more) cards of the launch company's category can try a Takeover.
  2. First to shout 'TAKEOVER' gets to try a takeover.
  3. Takeover-player (challenger) spins a number then company-launcher spins.
  4. They add their spin number to the number of launch company category cards they each have (remembering to count the On The Up brands as two)
  5. The highest total wins the launch company category cards from the loser.
  6. Spin again if a draw.
  7. If the company-launcher wins, he launches immediately. If the challengerwins, he launches during one of his later turns.


WINNING remains the same - the first to a BILLION wins!



Set up is the same as for the Apprentice Game - you also put the TAKEOVER disks and the ON THE UP/NEWSFLASH deck on their board spaces. The ON THE UP/NEWSFLASH deck is laid out with the ON THE UP multi-coloured list of eight brand names facing up for all to see.


Now you will use all the board icons including:



When you land on this icon pick up a TAKEOVER disk from the pile on the board and place it on your Certificate of Incorporation. You keep this disk until you decide to make a takeover bid. You can only hold ONE Takeover disk at a time.



When you land on this icon pick up an ON THE UP/ NEWSFLASH card. This has a NEWS FLASH on one side and ON THE UP brands listed on the other (always facing up on the pile).

  • ON THE UP brands are doing particularly well at the moment. They increase the value of companies containing them but only while they appear on top of the On The Up/Newsflash pile.
  • NEWSFLASHES are current events that can make or cost several players some money.


  • Anyone who has a TAKEOVER disk and who also has one or more Brand cards in the same category as a company being launched can try to take over that company.
  • To do this a player (the challenger) has to shout out, 'TAKEOVER' as soon as the other player (whose turn it is) announces that they are going to launch a company. If more than one player wants to try a takeover the one who shouts 'TAKEOVER' first gets to try. Only one person per turn can try a takeover.
  • The launcher and the challenger each spin a number (challenger first). Each adds their spinner number to the number of cards they hold of the company's category (if one of the brands is currently 'On The Up' that brand card counts as two). The highest total wins all the cards of that category held by both players.
    • For example: if the current player wants to launch a 4-card Car company (4 red cards) and he spins a 3 - his total is 4 cards + 3 spin = 7. If the challenger has 2 Car cards and he spins a 3 then he has a total of 5. 7 beats 5 so the challenger has to give the player his Car cards which brings the player's total of Car cards up to 6.
  • If the launching player wins, he now launches the company immediately. If the challenger wins he must wait until one of his turns to launch. In a draw, spin again until one player wins.
  • Put the Takeover disk back on its board pile after use.

ON THE UP brands

  • 'ON THE UP' brands double the value of their Brand cards in any company launched, but ONLY while they are showing on top of the NEWSFLASH pile on the board.
    • For example: A player wants to launch a 3-card Snack company (3 orange cards) he checks the top card on the On the Up /Newsflash pile to see if one of the Snacks in his company is on the current list of 'On The Up' brands. If it is, then that brand card is worth double the Risky Business value. So the 3 Snack Brand company will be valued at 4X the Risky Business value (1+1+2). If he has 2 'On The Up' Snack brands in his 3-card company then the company will be valued at 5X the Risky Business value (1+2+2).
  • The moment someone picks up a Newsflash card, the ON THE UP brands change to the Brands listed on the new top card.
  • ALWAYS place the used Newsflash card at the bottom of the Newsflash pile.


When a player lands on a Newsflash icon he picks up a Newsflash card and reads out the newsflash. All players must now do what the card dictates. If an auction is held, players can bid in any order until one player outbids the others. Each bid must be higher than the last - a 'draw' is not possible.


WINNING remains the same - the first to a BILLION wins!


In Risky Business you can be unlucky and get a BUST card as your first pick - however in general 2 or 3 Risky Business card is reasonably safe; 4 or 5 is getting pretty risky and more than 6 has a strong chance of a BUST card coming up.

There are two main strategies when launching companies. First: launch as soon as you have three brands in a category, and second: build a company with a lot more cards - say 6 or 8, so that you can make a great deal of money in one launch. Of course you could do all that work - then draw a BUST card!

Before you launch a company - check if anyone else has a Takeover disk AND several cards of the same category. You might want to wait and build up another company until that person gets rid of either the cards or the Takeover disk.

If you have an ON THE UP Brand card - use it as soon as you can because it will stop being worth double as soon as the next player lands on a NEWSFLASH space.

Early in the game launch a couple of companies as soon as you can to build up some cash for Auctions (which can happen with Newsflash cards).

Trading is great for building up the number of cards in one of your companies ... but remember you can also use the trade space to take important cards from other players and spoil their plans.


  • Playing Board and Spinner
  • 6 Playing Pieces
  • 96 Brand Cards
  • 27 Risky Business Cards
  • 24 Newsflash Cards
  • 102 Bank Notes
  • 6 Takeover Tokens
  • 6 Owner Certificates