Logo Billionaire Game (Apprentice) Rules


When you play LOGO Billionaire you take on the role of a high-powered corporate trader putting famous brands together to form companies then launching them on the stock market. You collect brands, try takeovers, attempt auctions and go big or go bust as luck and judgement dictate.


The easy way to learn to play Logo Billionaire is to start with the APPRENTICE RULES. Once you have played the game at this level you add on the EXECUTIVE RULES to play the full game. Both rule sheets include a QUICK START summary of the rules, followed by a more detailed explanation.


You learn to form companies and sell them - trading brands with other players to reach a billion and win. This is an exciting game in its own right and teaches you two thirds of the game in one go.


In this you add in 'Takeovers' and 'On the Up/Newsflash' cards that allow more strategy, excitement and tension.


Getting Ready to play

  1. Put coloured Brand card sets on matching board spaces - Brand side up.
  2. Take one of each coloured Brand card per player, shuffle and deal (six cards each) then lay out the Brands cards on the table face up, arranged by colour.
  3. Each pick an Incorporation certificate at random and take its playing piece.
  4. Put your playing piece on any playing space near you.
  5. Each player gets 50M from the bank.

Board Icons explained

  1. One cardPICK UP ONE: Only pick up ONE Brand card of this space's colour.
  2. TradeTRADE: Player can buy (for 30M) OR swap ONE Brand card that he chooses from each other player. Do this in any order; with everyone, just a few or no-one.
  3. NewsflashTakeover
    DO NOT USE Takeover disks and On The Up/ Newsflash cards in this game.

Playing a turn

  1. Spin and move.
  2. Pick up two Brand cards of that space's colour (one on a PICK UP ONE)
  3. Follow the Icon instructions (see above).
  4. Launch a company (see below).

What is a Company?

  1. Three or more same-coloured Brand cards form a company.
  2. You can add to these from picked-up or traded cards during the game.

Launching a Company

  1. Use Risky Business (RB) cards to decide a company's value. Person to player's right ALWAYS shuffles before each use and holds cards number side down for player.
  2. Player turns over one at a time. Stop when you want.
  3. BEWARE: an RB BUST card makes your company worth nothing.
  4. RB cards add up to give the value of each Brand card in your company.
  5. Multiply number of Brand cards in the company by total RB value.
  6. Take this money from the bank.
  7. After launch or BUST, put company's Brand cards back under their board pile.


The first player to reach one billion (10X100M) wins!



  • Put the Brand Card sets (brand side up) on their matching coloured spaces on the board.
  • Don't use the Newsflash and Takeover icon spaces in the Apprentice Game.
  • There are six Brand Card sets each with its own colour: Snacks (orange), Sweets (purple), Home (blue), Grocery (green), Chilled (yellow), Cars (red).
  • Each player is dealt six cards as follows: From each of the six Brand card sets on the board, pick up the same number of cards as there are players. For example: for four players take four cards from each of the six Brand card sets (24 cards in total).
  • Shuffle and deal these cards. Each player lays out their Brand cards face-up in front of them, grouped by colour - so players can all see each other's brands.
  • Lay out the board and put the spinner through the middle.
  • Appoint a Banker who puts the money in the slots in the plastic tray.
  • Lay out all of the Certificates of Incorporation - print side down. All the players pick one at random and take the corresponding playing piece (e.g. Dragon Industries plays with the Dragon).
  • Each player puts their piece on any board space near them.
  • Each player gets 50 million from the bank.
  • The youngest player goes first and play moves to the left.


  1. Spin a number and move your playing piece clockwise round the board.
  2. One cardAlways pick up TWO Brand cards of the colour you land on from the category piles on the board (unless you land on a ONE CARD space): For example: if you land on a red playing space with any icon, (other than ONE CARD) pick up two red Car Brand cards.
  3. TradeIf you land on a TRADE space, first pick up two cards of the colour you have landed on; then you can trade or buy one Brand card from each other player. If you BUY a card you must pay the player 30 million for it. If you SWAP you must trade one of your own cards for the Brand card you have chosen. The other player MUST give you the exact card you ask for. You can trade with all, some or none of the other players.
  4. NewsflashTakeover
    If you land on a TAKEOVER or NEWSFLASH space ignore the icon, but take two brand cards as normal from the coloured category piles on the board.
  5. Finally decide if you want to launch a company. You can only launch ONE company per turn.


  1. A company is THREE (or more) Brand cards from the same category.
  2. You can add more Brand cards from the same category to your company during the game as you pick up cards and trade with other players.
  3. You can have as many companies laid out in front of you as you want - but you don't make any money until you launch a company.


You decide the value of your company by taking as many RISKY BUSINESS (RB) cards as you want until you decide to stop or you draw a BUST card.

Each brand card in your company is worth the total value of the RB cards you have taken.

For example: if you take three RB cards worth 10, 20 and 30 million, each Brand card in your company is worth (10+20+30=) 60 million. If your company consists of three Brand cards, it is worth a total of 60 million X 3 cards =180 million


  • To use the Risky Business cards the player to your right always SHUFFLES the deck then holds it out value side down for you to take the top card. You must take at LEAST one card. If you touch a card you must take it. You can chose to go on taking cards, adding more and more to the value of each Brand BUT if you get a BUST card your company is worth nothing and your turn is over.
  • When you have risked as much as you want to, without going BUST, calculate the value of your company (as described in the last example) and withdraw that money from the bank.
  • Whether you successfully launch your company OR you go BUST put the company's Brand cards back at the bottom of their Brand pile on the board.


The first player to make a billion (10 X 100 million) wins.


To reflect the real market which is sometimes good (bull-ish) and sometimes bad (bear-ish) you can chose to play with either the full Risky Business deck which is more 'bullish' (1:9 Bust cards) or you can make the game a little more 'bearish' by removing three 10M cards from the deck - and so changing the odds (1:8 Busts), but increasing your chances of drawing higher value cards. It's your call!