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June 27, 2018

From 'Bang On': Bingo Lingo!

‘Name a number and its popular bingo nickname’.

Here’s a Bang On topic card for players of a certain vintage (perhaps still smarting from getting ‘Boy Bands’ or ‘Simpsons Characters’ on previous turns.)

Even if you’ve never set foot inside a bingo hall, you could probably pull one or two answers out of the air. Two fat ladies – 88. Unlucky for some – 13. Clickety-click! Number six.

What else? Well, as ever, Wikipedia has a list. It misses loads, whilst including a couple of entries that we can’t help raising a doubtful eyebrow at. There will be regional variations as well, and Butlins ‘modernised’ the slang back in the 2000s to add to the melting-pot of confusion.

But heck – the fun thing about Bang On is that it’s the game that you mark yourselves… bash out as many answers as you can, then get arguing with the other teams!

Our top Bingo Lingo ('Bang On' style)


Duck and a crutch – number 27! Honestly, we had never heard of this one. We’re happy to accept that the digit ‘2’ looks a bit like a duck. But ‘27’ does not particularly look like a duck on a crutch.


Fifty nine… the Brighton Line! Wiki cites Oscar Wilde for this one, with little supporting evidence. We thought it was because holidaymakers could journey from London to Brighton in 59 minutes via the railway service of that name. (This was in the days of steam, before Southern Rail).


Theresa’s Den… number ten! Information correct at time of writing.


Life’s begun… at 41! Because it began at forty, so it’s now well and truly begun. And ‘begins’ doesn’t rhyme with ‘40’, whereas ‘begun’ – well, you get the picture.


Old age pension – 65! Yes – this lingo definitely needs updating…

BA... oh... out of time. Here's the advert anyway...

"Four and Eight... Articulate!"
"Seven and 'O'... Rapidough!"
"Og on the Bog... Number two!"
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