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The outside balcony (& games arena). With views to file under 'magnificent'.
October 21, 2015

Best holiday destinations for a games break #3

LOGO: The Best of TV & Movies

After going back-to-basics on a camping holiday, and spending a short break at the UK’s most expensive hotel, we thought that we might find some middle ground for our third travelogue.

So to continue our snappily-named virtual tour of ‘Britain’s best places to get together with a great bunch of friends, fine food and drink and a classic board game’ we pulled LOGO’s The Best of TV & Movies from the shelf, packed our suitcases and…

…it wasn’t quite as simple as we thought.

Our plan was straightforward enough: TV and Movies is packed with questions and trivia about the small and silver screens, so the obvious thing to do was to look for somewhere with a proper cinema room. We envisaged a fabulous retreat for a group of movie-lovers; one that would allow them to settle down with the popcorn and do some serious filmic revision before testing their knowledge in a high-stakes quiz showdown.

The thing is, the phrase ‘home cinema’ seems to mean different things to different people. Especially, it seems, in the holiday accommodation industry. So our extensive research (well - sitting in the office using Google) did turn into a bit of a trawl. Because in so many cases an advertised ‘home cinema room’ did appear to mean ‘we have a telly,’ and occasionally, ‘we have a big Pye telly from the nineteen-seventies’. Which wasn’t quite what we were after.

Then we stumbled across Love Lane Lodge, on the idyllic Lizard Peninsular in Cornwall. And not only did it meet our audio-visual criteria, it well and truly ticked all the other boxes also.

Firstly, a cinema room. A proper cinema room, with movie posters adorning the walls, a big, big screen, and magnificent movie-appreciation seats that you’d want to spend the rest of your life in. There’s a massive balcony with a panoramic view across the coast – a perfect place to set out the board on a sunny afternoon. Indoors, the sofas cluster around an expansive coffee table and cheerful woodburner - your venue as the evening closes in.

There’s sleeping room for you and seven of your games-enthusiast friends. Oh, and the owners can arrange for a personal chef to sort dinner for you, or leave you a foodie-hamper to scavenge between turns. Which fits the spirit of this blog one-hundred percent…

So, with The Best of TV and Movies in mind, we’re going to give Love Lane Lodge a place on our list of ‘best holiday destinations for a not-so-quiet night in.’ It’s rented out via uniquehomestays.com (01637 881183) – you can see it on their website here. Now, we’re going to settle down and look for the next stop on our tour…

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A typical evening at Love Lane Lodge. Board game not pictured.
Our search for a home cinema system yielded mixed results.
Photo credit: Darekm135 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
But this was more like it.
That seating. We like!!!
LOGO: The Best of TV and Movies. Remember to pack it.
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