Dig In Game Rules

These rules are for the original version of Dig In. You can find details about the new version, released in 2022, on the main Dig In page.

Aim of the game

To Dig In the bowl and find all six pieces shown on your Dig In card. During a round you each get 15 seconds of digging on your own using both hands, then everyone Digs In using one hand each until the winner finds all six items on their Dig In card.

Dig In Cards

Side 1: COLOURED PIECES. You must find the matching 6 pieces in the correct colour.

Side 2: GREY PIECES. You must find the matching 6 pieces in any colour.

Preparing to Play

Decide which side of the Dig In cards to use (coloured or grey). Each round everyone uses the same side. Shuffle the cards and give one to each player. Each player puts their Dig In card in front of them with the chosen side facing up. Place the red and blue timer next to the bowl.

Put all the Dig In playing pieces into the bowl and mix them around.

A full game consists of several rounds of Digging In.

To Play

The first player starts the timer by pressing down fully on the red button, which gives them 15 seconds to find as many of the pieces on their card as they can - using BOTH hands! Once found, a piece should be placed onto its picture on the card.

When you hear the bell on the timer, play moves to the next player on the left who presses down fully on the red button and gets 15 seconds in the same way and so on until all the players have had their turn.

As soon as the final player has finished their 15 seconds ALL players at the same time then start searching for the remaining pieces that they need to complete their card - but now they only use ONE HAND each.

If a player sees another player using two hands, they must shout out that player's name. That player is then out for the rest of that round.

For the 'ALL-IN' stage there is no time limit. The first player to collect ALL the pieces on their Dig-In card wins the round and keeps their card. If two or more people pull out their sixth piece at the same time, they each win the round.

If a player finds all six of their pieces in their 15 second turn they win that round and keep their card.

Winning the game

The first player to collect three cards (by winning three rounds) wins the game.