Deal or No Deal Handheld Rules

The object of the game is to beat 'The Banker' by selling him your box for more money than it contains, or by keeping it and winning a larger amount than the banker's top offer.

TO PLAY: - Switch the game on. Choose your own box by pressing one of the twenty-two red 'box buttons'. This box number will appear right beside the telephone symbol. This is the box you keep unopened until the end of the game. The money in it will be your final score unless you accept one of the Banker's offers during play (or swap your box).

Select the first box to be opened by pressing another of the twenty-two 'box buttons. You can discover the value in the box by lifting the 'Deal or No Deal' red lid. This amount will disappear from the scoreboard when the lid is closed.

An offer will be made after the fifth box is opened then every third box thereafter. When the Banker makes an offer, the telephone will flash and the amount of the offer will appear on the screen below the telephone symbol.

To reject the offer press the red button with the white cross on it. Now carry on playing the game by choosing another red 'box button' to "open".

To accept an offer, press the green button and the amount will flash to indicate that the offer has been accepted. After you have accepted an offer, you can continue to press the numbered buttons to open the rest of the boxes.

After each group of three boxes has been opened you see what the Banker would have offered you on the screen below the telephone symbol.

The offer you accepted keeps flashing on the same screen, as a reminder.

If you reject all offers and play the game to the very end, you will be left with your own box and one other.

The amount in your box will appear under the red lid. Before you open it you have the option of swapping this for the contents of the other box. Press your box button to stick with that amount, or the last unopened box button to swap.

If you have already dealt, you must press your box and the contents of your original box will appear under the lid.

After a period of inactivity, the unit will switch off and delete the current game. To switch on, push the switch to OFF and then ON again.