Family Fortunes Electronic Game Rules


Insert 2 x AA batteries in each of the unit's battery compartments (4 batteries required).

Divide players into two teams (A and B), one team may have an extra player.

A player from team A acts as the host for the first game in a set of six (three Single Money games, two Double Money games and one Big Money game). This player takes charge of the small hand-held unit and presses either the A or B button on this unit to start the game.

Let's play Single Money... will then scroll along the screen followed by the first question and the scoring answers available.

Another player from team A and one from team B sit by the respective buzzers on the main unit.


First Single Money Game

The host reads out the first question being scrolled across the screen. The two players by the buzzers rush to press first and give an answer. The host will check on their unit to see if the given answer appears.

If the first given answer does appear, the host presses the corresponding button which will reveal: the answer, its position and point value on the larger unit for all the other players to see. If the answer doesn't appear, the host presses the Wrong Answer button.

If the answer appears but was not the top answer, the other player has five seconds to beat that answer, the host must then press the corresponding button to continue the game. The player with the highest answer can confide with their team and decide whether to play or pass on that question. If they pass, then the other team must play the question. The host must press the A or B button on their unit to identify which team will be playing the question.

The team that is currently in play is always indicated on the main unit by the border around their score.

The team that plays the question will in turn give further answers from different members. Each time an answer does not appear on the screen the host presses the Wrong Answer button.

If the team in play gives three wrong answers, the other team has one opportunity to steal all the points scored on that question by conferring and giving a missing answer, the host must press the corresponding button to continue the game.

If this answer also fails to appear, then the original team keeps all the points previously scored on that question.

If at the start of a question both players give three consecutive wrong answers a new question is given.

The team that wins the points from this first game will see the score register on their side of the main unit.

Second Single Money Game

A player from team B now becomes the host and the players in front of the buzzers are replaced by new players from each team. The host presses either the A or B button to get the second game started

Further Games

Players take turns at being the host and playing in front of the buzzers. The points awarded for the fourth and fifth question are worth double the amount (Double Money) of the first three questions. The team with the highest score after the first five questions goes on to play the first Big Money game.

Back Button

During play in the Single or Double Money games (i.e. once a team has decided to play or pass), if the host accidentally inputs the wrong entry into their unit, this can be corrected by pressing the BACK button. The answer can then be re-entered into the unit and play can resume. Note: this can only be done before the last correct or wrong answer has been entered in each of these games.

Bonus Answers

Some answers come with additional bonus points which are indicated by the distinctive sound followed by the flashing of the bonus and regular score.

Big Money Game

The team playing Big Money selects any two of its players to play. Any player from the other team can act as the host for this game.

The host takes the hand-held unit and presses button A or B. One of the two players playing Big Money must leave the room while the other one is given five questions by the host. The player remaining in the room has 45 seconds to answer these five questions. The time does not start until the host reads out the first question and then presses the A or B button on their unit again. The host will then press the corresponding buttons to any correct or wrong answer given as in the earlier games, after which the next question is automatically revealed.

If the player answers all the questions within 45 seconds, the clock will stop. If the player runs out of time, it is indicated by the 'Time Up' sound. Any remaining unanswered questions will be considered wrong answers.

Once all five questions have been asked and the answers stored, the host will reveal to the first player how many points they scored. This is done by the host again pressing either the A or B button on their unit. This will make the questions reappear in sequence along with the answer given and the points scored on the main unit. Pressing A or B again will reveal all the correct answers for that question on the host unit.

If a wrong answer is given all the X symbols will flash.

Pressing the A or B button after the first player's answers have been scored will set the unit ready for the second player, who is called back into the room. The main unit's screen will be cleared of player one's answers.

The second player is given the same five questions and 50 seconds to answer. Should the host enter an answer already given by the first player, the distinctive 'repeat answer' sound will be heard and the host must say "try again" and a second answer is given (player one's answers will be indicated on the host unit by an asterisk).

The host reveals the second player's answers in the same way as before. Either player can say "Pass" on any question which the host will store as a wrong answer.

After the second player's answers have been scored, pressing either A or B again will either reveal that the team has won or will ready the unit for a new game of Single Money.


All money amounts are referred to as points. The first team to reach 600 points after the completion of any question or Big Money game or achieve all five top answers on any one Big Money game is the winner.

New Games

If no team wins the overall game in the Big Money game, play continues with another set of three Single Money, two Double Money and one Big Money game and so on.

If no team reaches 600 points before the next Big Money game, the team that scored the most points over the last five games goes for the next Big Money game, (not necessarily the team with the overall highest score). Any team can win the overall game during a Single or Double Money game if their score reaches 600 points.

Battery Saving

The units will shut down after 15 minutes of inactivity. To start a new game switch off and on again, all previous game information will be lost.

Hamming it up!

The player acting as the host can recreate the game show atmosphere by their performance.