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October 14, 2016

The Crazy Claw video explainer

Yes - it's Crazy Claw! The classic fairground game, just in a handy kitchen table-sized format...

The satisfactorily-manic Crazy Claw is one of our new products for 2016. As we write this, it's only been in the shops for a matter of weeks, but it's already bagged some top-notch reviews from the leading parenting blogs (there's a great one from The Brick Castle, if you'd care to click here - we particularly like the line about it not being a game for pre-bedtime or calming down... that basically hits the nail squarely on the head.)

If you're still in the dark, the TV commercial gives a good flavour of what you can expect...

To achieve that craziness, it's one of those kids' games that needs a few minutes of grown-up help on the assembly side. So, in a slightly calmer video vein, here we are channeling our inner Mister Makers with our 'simple way to assemble Crazy Claw' step-by-step guide, to augment the printed instructions that come in the box.


Craziness shall now ensue.

No permanent fixings are involved. So once the kids have finished for the day, the game can either be taken apart to store in the box and then rebuilt, or you can simply leave it constructed ready for impromptu Crazy Claw action.

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