Extreme Rock Climbers Game Rules


To have the most points after three climbs.


Mountain base and three-piece mountain, 2 climbers, 4 magnetic finger grabbers, start and scoring flags, 12 brown pitons.

Set Up

Using the package for reference, assemble the three mountain pieces into the base as shown. Place the start flags on the left and right side flag holes of the mountain and continue, going up, with Start, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 point flags.

Place all of the pitons into the holes on the mountain.

Each player now puts on two finger grabbers:

Using your left or right hand, place the grabber over your index finger. The magnet should be at the tip of your finger. Wrap the belt around your finger and secure by placing the post through the hole. Be sure the fit is comfortable: not too tight, not too loose. Do the same using your middle finger.

Each player chooses a climber; one player will start at the bottom left of the mountain and the other at the bottom right. During the game, you can move wherever you like in an attempt to climb as high as you can.

Hold the climbers - front side against the mountain - with your "free" hand at the bottom of the mountain. Place the hand that has the finger grabbers on the BACK of the mountain and, through the mountain, make contact with your climbers so that his right and left hands connect to one of your fingers. You may have to move your climber and/or fingers a bit until a secure contact is made.

Before starting the actual game, it's a good idea to give yourselves some practice rounds to get a feel of the terrain. When you're ready, both players start at the bottom of the mountain and, at the count of three, start their climb! The pitons will come in handy when you need a rest or think about your strategy. Just try to get your climbers "axe" or "grappling hook" to latch onto a piton.

When your climber falls, you get points for the last flag that you passed. Place your climber at the base of the mountain and start again.

When your climber has fallen three times, add up your points for the three rounds.

IMPORTANT; When storing the game, keep all magnetic components apart from each other.


The player with the most points is the winner.

Note: You can change the number of climbs for a longer game. You can also remove the middle section of the mountain for a shorter climb.