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sea sick sam rules

Set Up

Place Sea-Sick Sam on his boat in the middle of the table. To get Sam ready to play, close his mouth with the tongue inside and lay him down
on his back and “click” him into position lying on the boat.

Each player takes the same number of food pieces and keeps them in a pile in front of them. For example if there are three players each gets four pieces of food.

Please see the PDF for initial assembly instructions.

Aim of the Game

To be the first player to feed Sam all of their food pieces.

Playing the game

Youngest player goes first. During a turn:

  • First the player rolls the dice.
  • Next they must feed Sam two food pieces, popping them into the opening at the side of his mouth.
  • Last they must rock Sam’s boat the number of times shown on the dice. This “rocking” must be all the way forwards then all the way back each time.
  • If Sam does not do anything then that player’s turn is over, and Sam is passed to the next player.
  • If Sam springs up and chucks out his food, then the player must collect all the food pieces that came out of Sam’s mouth and add them to their food piece pile.
  • Reset Sam by laying him down with his mouth closed and “clicking” him into place.

Players keep taking turns feeding Sam and rocking his boat (to rock the boat, press the end nearest Sam’s feet down until you hear a click) until ...


The first player to feed the last of their food to Sam then rock his boat the right number of times without Sam being sick is the winner.