Snotcha Game Rules

Please see the PDF for full rules including assembly and dismantling instructions, and troubleshooting.

Let's Play

The person with the biggest nose goes first. Play continues to the left. On your turn

1. Place Snotcha facing towards you

2. Spin the spinner and follow the instructions below, depending on which section the arrow points to.

  • 1x Press
  • 2x Press
  • 3x Press
  • Reverse play
  • 1x Press and Spin again
  • Miss a turn

If you land on a number:

Get face to face with Snotcha

Press down on Snotcha slowly the number of times shown on the spinner. Make sure you push Snotcha slowly all the way down, no cheating now!

If you're unlucky, and need to press Snotcha more than once; wait for Snotcha to go back to the start position before pressing again.

If Snotcha doesn't sneeze on you and you don't get wet, you're safe!

If Snotcha sneezes on you and you get wet, you're out!

Play then continues with the next player. Continue to take turns spinning the spinner and pushing down on Snotcha until one player is left.

Winning the game!

Avoid being sneezed on by Snotcha and be the last remaining dry player!!

Putting the Game away

Dismantle Snotcha

Pour out all the remaining water from the sneeze chamber and rinse the sneeze chamber with clean water.

Ensure that no water remains inside Snotcha. To do this, press the sneeze chamber down multiple times until no more water sprays out.

Leave sneeze chamber upside down to dry thoroughly.

When all parts are dry, pack Snotcha away.


Snotcha not making any sounds?

- Check feet are correctly connected to Sneeze chamber

- Check batteries are inserted correctly

- Replace batteries.

Snotcha not sneezing? (no water being sprayed)

- Check there is water in the sneeze chamber and if low, top up to the fill line.