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LOGO Lite - extra questions and a whole new game
October 28, 2016

LOGO Lite – it’s LOGO extra questions… and more!

‘Can we buy extra questions…?’ It’s one of the most common enquiries we get here at Drumond Park.

This is flattering of course. It means that we’ve made a game that’s lasted the distance; one to which people have returned again and again.

There are two games of ours for which you can buy additional card packs: Articulate! and the LOGO board game. Not entirely coincidentally, these are our best-selling games, having sold oodles both in the UK and abroad.

Search your favourite online retailer for ‘Articulate Extra Pack’ and you’ll find just that: a shiny box of five hundred new cards, all set to play with your existing board game. You can find it on Amazon here.

For LOGO, extra question hunters should seek out LOGO Lite. This consists of hundreds of new Q&As that can be used with the original board game, PLUS a whole new game experience bundled in with them. Mix and match – the choice is yours!

Because LOGO Lite works as a game in its own right, you can find it both on the internet and in your local High Street toy store.

We called it ‘Lite’ because it’s more portable than the tabletop original, and has slightly quicker gameplay (this was another common request for us: could we produce a version that busy people could play in a shorter time?).

Don't be fooled though; as a game, 'Lite' is surprisingly heavyweight: so much so that those aforementioned High Street shops gave it a top award last year. Woo hoo!

So to summarise:

  • Extra Articulate cards: ‘Articulate Extra Pack’
  • Extra LOGO cards: 'LOGO Lite'

Go play!

*UPDATE* This old blog post still gets quite a bit of traffic... Logo Lite's completely out of stock everywhere at the moment, but for your additional LOGO fix, go for LOGO - The Best of Christmas, our very seasonal stocking-filler/secret santa budget new-festive-themed-question LOGO update!

Articulate Extra Pack - find it online
The original LOGO
And the original Articulate!
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