In the Spiderman game YOU are Spiderman. Each player has their own Spiderman adventure, and the first to finish the adventure and beat the Green Goblin WINS.

The Spiderman Game has four parts, called Chapters. You must complete each Chapter before you start the next one. Here is what happens in each of the four Chapters.

Chapter 1 - Getting to the crime scene.

You must go and rescue someone in trouble. On the way you collect Power points and Smart points needed for the rescue. After the rescue, go to the scene of a major crime.

Chapter 2 - Fight against the odds.

You have a fight in which the odds are really stacked against you. You probably lose this fight, but if you win - you win the whole game RIGHT NOW!

Chapter 3 - Getting your strength back.

If you lost the fight you need to take time to build your strength and gather you wits. You move round the board, winning more Power and Smart points each turn. You must collect sufficient points to be strong enough for the final showdown.

Chapter 4 - The final showdown.

You have a blow-by-blow fight with the Green Goblin. If you score enough, you get a chance at a knockout punch to WIN THE GAME.

Winning Power and Smart Points.

Smart Points

You win Smart points by moving round the maze in the middle of the board as fast as you can. The Smart Spaces are the ones with a picture of the maze on them. They also have a list of maze entries (numbered 1-8), which you must visit in that order. You will see the entry numbers on the board beside each opening into the maze.

You start at the first numbered entry and move through the maze to the next, then on to the next and so on. Your Smart Point score is the number of entries you visit (not including your starting point) during one run-through of the timer.

Power Points

In the middle of each side of the board is a circle with Spiderman's face on it. In front of this are 4 small pictures of the Green Goblin on his flyer (numbered 1-4).

Stand up four baddy characters, one on each of these four Green Goblins. Take the Swinging Spiderman on his white pole and hold the pole base on the Spiderman's face circle in front of you.

You win Power points by using the Swinging Spiderman to knock over as many of the four baddies as you can in ONE swing round the pole.


Unfold the board, put the maze on the table and fit the board over the top. It doesn't matter how the maze lies. It can change from game to game, this adds to the fun.

Take the arrow off the spinner, put the spinner base through the hexagonal picture of Spiderman that fits in the center hexagon of the maze and click the arrow back onto its base. Now fit this into the hexagonal space in the center of the maze.

Divide the cards into 4 piles with similar backs. Then put these piles with their backs showing, at each corner of the board so the card backs fit into the pictures on the board.

Each player take a playing piece and put it on the circle picture of Spiderman's face in the middle of the board side closest to you.

Have the Power and Smart point tokens handy in the box, along with the Swinging Spiderman on his white pole. and the baddies fitted into their circular bases.


Swinger Space - shows Spiderman in mid-swing. You get a chance to win Power points as described in the Power Points section above.

Maze Space - put the thin plastic pointer at the first maze entry listed beside the picture of the maze. Get the next player to turn the timer. Now move through the maze and score points as described in the Smart Points section above. Keep the tip of the pointer touching the floor of the maze!

Bonus Space - this shows bonus points you win or lose. Take tokens from box or PUT THEM BACK as required by the + or - signs on the space.

City Area Space - these are the different areas of the city you must travel to where the various crimes and rescues happen.



The youngest player starts and play moves clockwise round the board. If you are heading for a City Area you don't need to throw an exact number to land on it, just the number you need or a higher number. If you're 3 spaces away and you throw a four you can still land on the City Area you want.


The first player takes a Chapter 1 card. This tells them to go and rescue someone - along with the Power and Smart points you need to make the rescue. It also tells you the scene of a major crime you must race to after you make the rescue.

Throw the dice and move off round the board in either direction. Every turn you can go in either direction. Each turn you move to try and collect enough Smart and Power points to make the rescue.

When you have collected enough points, move to the rescue scene. Remember you always move by ONE throw of the dice each turn so it can take a couple of turns to get there. One the way you can still win Power and Smart points that you will need later in the game.

When you land on the City Area for the rescue. Put the points you have won that are needed for the rescue back in the box. On your next turn move towards the crime scene stated on the Chapter 1 card.


When you land on the crime scene immediately pick up a Chapter 2 card. You are in a major fight and you must try to do the task stated on the card win. If you DO beat the baddies here you miss out Chapter 3 and pick up a Chapter 4 card next turn. If you lose (and you probably WILL lose) pick up a Chapter 3 card next turn.


Chapter 3 tells you how many Smart and Power points you must collect to recover from the battle. Travel round the board until you have collected the right number of points. The turn AFTER you collect the final points needed, pick up a Chapter 4 card.


Race to the scene of the outrage, moving as normal by one dice throw per turn. When you get there the green Goblin immediately attacks you. Spin the central spinner and read the Green Goblin move it points to (note the score in the corner of that segment). Spin again and read the Spiderman move (add this segment's points to the Green Goblin's). Spin 4 more times, reading alternately the Spiderman then Green Goblin moves and keeping a tally of what the scores amount to.

If after 6 spins (3 Spiderman and 3 Green Goblin moves) you have a score of +1 or more, you try for a knockout punch. If your score is 0 or a minus number you must have another 6 spin fight on your next turn. Keep fighting turn after turn until you end up with a +1 score or more.


Put the Swinging Spiderman on your normal Spiderman Face spot and set up ONE Green Goblin on Goblin picture No.1 (No.3 if you are left handed). With your right hand (left if left handed), swing Spiderman round. You must knock over the Green Goblin in a SINGLE SWING round the pole. If you don't you must try once each turn until you do.


The first player to successfully give the knockout punch WINS the game.