Spit It Out Game Rules


Spit it Out is played in teams. Each turn, the playing team takes a Challenge Card from the box. One at a time, team members say a word or do an action that meets the Challenge. One point is scored for each correct word or action completed in 30 seconds. The team moves its playing piece round the board by the number scored, acquiring bonuses or penalties on the way.


Divide into teams of 2 or more. The fewer teams the better. Each team takes a cone and a disk of the same colour.

Place all cones on the dark blue Start Arrow on the Main Track (the track with +, - and "A" symbols). Place all disks on the dark blue Start Circle on the Disk Track (immediately inside the Main track).

To set a rough limit on the game's length, players agree on a number of Disk Track segments to be played. Four segments is a short game, seven about average and a full ten can take all evening. Pick which team will start by mutual consent.


The first team to go decides which member will be the STARTER. He takes a Challenge Card from the front of the box and reads it to all teams. He may read it a couple of times to clarify the Challenge.

When everyone understands the Challenge, an opposing player up-ends the timer.The STARTER provides the first word or action to start the round. In some Challenges the STARTER can choose any word to start.

The player to the STARTER's right says the next word and so on round the team. Team members continue to take it in turn to say a word or do an action that meets the Challenge, going round and round the team as often as possible.

The team scores a point for every player that has correctly met the Challenge.

At the start of each new round, the player to the previous STARTER's right becomes the new STARTER.


Most Challenges require an individual effort from each player, some however need 2 or even 3 players to complete. Read this example:

A country, next a city in it, next another country etc.

This two player Challenge requires the first player to name a country and the next player to name a city in it. This sequence is repeated round the team (using different countries and cities) for the whole turn.

Each player who speaks correctly scores one point, even though a whole Challenge may not be completed at the end of a turn.


Team Members MUST:-

  1. ALWAYS speak in the SAME ORDER.
  2. CORRECTLY meet the Challenge before the next player can continue, however many tries it takes.
  3. NOT HELP anyone who is stuck IN ANY WAY.
  4. NOT REPEAT any word used by another team member in the same round, unless instructed to in the Challenge.

If the above rules are broken - IN ANY WAY, the turn ends with the score counting up to the last correct player. This most often results from a PROTEST by an opposing team.


If an opposing team protests that a word or action does NOT meet the Challenge, or any other Challenge Rule has been broken, they lay the timer on its side and quickly resolve the dispute with the playing team before play continues.

If it is agreed that a rule was not broken, the timer is set back up and the turn is played out.

If a rule was broken the team's turn ends at the score reached by the last correct word or action.

A player's word or action cannot be protested after the next player in the sequence has spoken.

If a protest cannot be amicably agreed the protest automatically stands and the turn is ended.

NOTE: The number of protests is unlimited.


At the end of a turn the team moves its cone round the Main Track by the number of correct words or actions completed in time.

If the cone lands on a + or - the team MUST spin the spinner. The cone is then moved AGAIN by the number the spinner points to. Move forward on a +, backwards on a - .

If the spinner points to +8 or -8, the team ignores the sign on the Main Track and moves the cone the +8 or -8 indicated.

If the cone lands on an A, the playing team has another turn with the same STARTER and a new Challenge Card.

Each turn the team gets a maximum of one bonus (+, - or A). If the cone lands on another +, - or A as the result of a bonus move, the symbol is ignored.


Each time a team's cone completes a circuit and lands on or passes the Main Track's Start Arrow, the team's disk is moved round one Disk Track segment.


The opposing team is responsible for counting correct words and watching the timer. The playing team will probably want to keep track of the score as well...... just to be sure.


The first team to move it's Disk onto the agreed Disk Segment wins.