Tomb of Doom Game Rules


To be the first player to collect 2 "golden" coins by meeting the Challenges and finding the key that opens the treasure chest.


Put the altar on a flat surface. Clip in the front section of the altar. Plug the skull into the top of the altar by lining up the lugs and connectors and gently pushing these down into the sockets in the altar. Ensure there are 2 AA batteries in the skull. Turn the skull ON with the ON/OFF switch found at the lower right hand side of the skull.Next take out all the extra parts from the small plastic bag. Place them as follows and, if you are in any doubt, look at the picture on the back of the box.

  • Put the eyeball on the top of the left hand column on the altar.
  • Put all 4 snakes, with their heads up, into the right hand column.
  • Put each key in turn into the chest until one of them opens it.
  • Put all 5 "golden" coins inside. Close the chest lid.
  • "Shuffle" the 8 skull keys and put them into the 8 key slots (4 along each edge of the altar top).
  • Put the 3 bones in front of the altar.
  • Put the 4 stones in front of the altar with the indented sides down.
  • Put the 4 map halves face down in front of the altar, after shuffling them.
  • Shuffle all 20 Challenge cards and put the pile face down in front of the altar. This is the draw pile.


The youngest player starts and play passes to the left throughout the game.

When it is your turn take the top card from the draw pile and undertake the Challenge shown on the card. At the end of your turn discard the card face up onto a discard pile beside the draw pile.

If you succeed in the Challenge you earn the right to pick a skull key to try and open the TREASURE CHEST!

For Younger Players: Two guesses each turn will keep younger players more involved and make the game a more appropriate length for those with shorter attention spans.


The Challenge of the Maps

Shuffle the 4 map halves and put them on the table in front of you, map side down. Turn over one of these halves for everyone to see. THIS IS THE MAP PIECE YOU MUST MATCH. Now turn over one of the other three map halves. If this matches the first one you turned over (see the border colour) then you have won the Challenge and earned the right to choose a key. If the halves do not match your turn is over. Lay the four map halves face down back in front of the Tomb.

The Challenge of the Stones

Mix up the four stones, indented side down, so that the location of the "skull stone" is unknown. Choose one of the stones and turn it over. If you have chosen the "skull stone" you have won the Challenge and earned the right to choose a skull key. If you did not choose the "skull stone" your turn is over.

The Challenge of the Eye

This uses the eyeball resting on the top of the left hand column. You must tell the rest of the players which of the 3 gargoyles you think the eyeball will come to rest under. Now push the eyeball down into the column. The eyeball will move about inside the altar and roll out to rest under one of the three gargoyles at the front. If you predicted the correct gargoyle you have won the Challenge and earned the right to choose a skull key. If not, your turn is over. Gently place the eyeball back on top of the left hand column.

The Challenge of the Snakes

Pull one of the snakes from the right hand column. If the snake has a red-tipped tail, you have won the Challenge and earned the right to choose a skull key. If it does not your turn is over. Put the snake back in the right hand column.

The Challenge of the Bones

Pick up the three bones. Before you throw them down predict the total number of bones that will land with their black dots showing. The choices are: 0, 1, 2, or 3. Throw the bones then count the number of dots showing. If you predicted the right number, you have won the Challenge and earned the right to choose a skull key. If not your turn is over.

Miss A Turn

Your turn is immediately over. Put the card on the discard pile.

1 Free Guess

If you draw this card, place it face up in front of you. You CANNOT use this extra free guess until your NEXT challenge. Draw another challenge card. If it is also a "1 Free Guess card" put it at the bottom of the draw pile and take the next card from the top. Keep doing this until you pick up a normal Challenge card. Play this Challenge as normal.

Using Your "Free Guess" Challenge Card.

On a normal Challenge you get one guess, but if you have a "1 Free Guess" card from a previous turn you can have a SECOND guess. Only use this second guess when you fail to meet a challenge successfully on your first try. When you do use it, it acts like any other guess... get it right and you win a skull key, get it wrong and your turn is over. When you have used your second guess, put both the Challenge card and the "1Free Guess" card onto the discard pile.

NOTE: If all the cards have been drawn before the end of a round, the discard pile is picked up and re-shuffled to form a new draw pile.


When you have earned a key by winning a Challenge, choose one of the keys and gently slide it into the keyhole in the front of the chest. DO NOT TURN THE KEY.

If the skull cackles and grinds its teeth, return the key to the slot you pulled it out of. Your turn is then over.

HINT: everyone should try to remember the location of the keys that have "awoken" the skull, so as not to choose those keys during later turns.

If the key does NOT awaken the skull the lid of the treasure chest will open. Take a coin from the treasure chest and snap the lid closed. Place the coin in front of you.

That is the end of a round of play. Now take all 8 keys out of the altar. Mix them up, and put them back in the slots on the sides of the altar. Re-shuffle ALL the Challenge cards (including the ones previously discarded) and place them back in front of the altar. The player to the left of the player who won the "golden" coin begins the next round of play.


The first player to collect TWO golden coins is the winner

BATTERY INSTALLATION: Remove rechargeable batteries from the toy before recharging. Only recharge batteries under adult supervision. Do not recharge non-rechargeable batteries. Do not mix different types of batteries, or new and used batteries. Use only AA or their equivalent as stated.Insert batteries in the correct polarity. Remove exhausted (used) batteries from the toy. Do not short circuit the supply terminals of the batteries. Do not insert connecting wires into electrical socket outlets. Please remember that small button cells and AAA batteries should be kept away from young children as they could be easily swallowed. Seek medical advice if you believe a cell has been swallowed. The normal function of the product may be disturbed by strong electro-magnetic interference. If so, simply reset the product by switching off then on to resume normal operation. In case the function could not resume, please use the product in another location.