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October 16, 2023

An Articulate cake... one of the greatest things we've ever seen.

It's a sweet thing... made with flour and eggs and icing!

What can we say about this?

Leicester-based Cloudy Cakes were asked to make this as a surprise birthday treat for a fan of the game.

It's a victoria sponge at heart, with a generous filling of jam and the creamiest of cream cheese. The details are incredible, from the sugar paste timer and playing pieces, to the game cards featuring topics printed in edible ink.

As their very happy customer put it: "We didn't want to cut it at first, because it looked soooo good..."

Thanks to Zarema, cake-baker extrordinaire at Cloudy Cakes, for letting us share their photographs. And a massively happy birthday to the recipient, from all of us in the Articulate office!

A browse through the brilliant creations on their Instagram feed is definitely time well spent for the sweet-toothed (and might prompt you to commission your own special occasion cake - message them for details!) Do share it, if it's board-game based!

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