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December 7, 2015

Your social etiquette problems SOLVED (via the medium of blank 'Articulate' cards)

You know the scenario.

You've guzzled the fish pie, you've caught up on the old-schoolfriend gossip and, games-wise, you're just about to clinically batter your best and dearest friends for the second time running. There is laughter, squeals and the occasional Big Hug.

And then a Social Etiquette Dilemma arises.

It could be about anything, big or small. Friendships or relationships. The last party snack on the plate. Those board game house rules that would have been better agreed in advance. Who’s driving next week. The state that the toilet’s been left in.

Whatever the issue, you are left with an agonising decision. Do you say something? And if so – how do you broach the topic?

Fear not! Past-masters at games evenings that we are, here at Drumond Park we have the perfect solution for you. In the form of our subtle solve-your-social-etiquette-problems Articulate and Articulate Your Life blank cards!!!

What you need to do:

  1. Identify the issue that needs to be quietly and tactfully communicated to the person in question.
  2. Suggest a game of Articulate.
  3. Excuse yourself to go use the PC.
  4. Download the relevant blank card from the images on this page. Overlay your message using some graphics software, matching exactly the fonts that we use for the question cards. Print out on a good-quality colour printer, on some card. Nobody will be able to tell the difference, honest.
  5. Take the whole pack of question cards and insert yours at the exact point where it will then find itself at the front when it’s the turn of your intended target. NB this may take a bit of trial-and-error.
  6. Your subtle message will then be neatly and efficiently conveyed.

You're welcome.

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