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December 8, 2015

See in 2016 with this year’s last big giveaway!

Happy New Year! Not yet, obviously. But 2016 is approaching fast, having sneakily concealed itself behind Christmas, all ready to leap out and shout ‘aha!’

Here at Drumond Park we’re starting to dream about the twelve months ahead. As one great Best-of-British character once reflected: “this time next year, Rodney, we’ll all be LOGO Billionaires.” Or something like that, anyway.

Our resolutions aren’t quite finalised yet, but will probably be something along the lines of ‘continue to come up with the most bestest games in the world ever ever.’ And, as you know, we *always* keep our resolutions.

How about you?

Let us know, and be in with a chance to sneak away with our very last game giveaway of 2015! We’ve chosen a pair of TV-themed humdingers for the prizes this time round – so pay attention!

To start off with, there’s Family Fortunes. If you’ve ever switched on a TV set, you’ll know how Family Fortunes works – and you’ll have already twigged how it translates into a brilliant family game to play at home. You’ll also naturally be expecting an electronic buzzer that goes ‘UH-UH!’ and WE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU. In fact, you can visit our Family Fortunes page here on the site, to tinker with a web version of said buzzer.

And to continue the theme, there will be Logo’s The Best of TV and Movies! One of the most popular board games we’ve ever produced, this is bursting with hundreds upon hundreds of fun and fiendish questions about the programmes and films you know and love.

You can find out more about The Best of TV and Movies here.

Ready to win? Dig out your Twitter account then, and off we go!

Enter the magic giveaway portal via our wizzy Rafflecopter widget (below) and tell us what you’ll be up to this time next year. It’ll prompt you to Tweet a message to get our attention and to put your name in the hat. You can replace the words ‘playing board games’ with anything you like – but leave the link in, or your dreams will never come true. You can enter once per day if you fancy.

That’s it! Log in below and follow the instructions; entries close shortly after Jools Holland finishes his countdown, and we’ll be picking three winners utterly at random in the first few days of 2016.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! Now find out what else we’ve been up to this year…


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